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The Worship Leadership major prepares students for worship leadership that is scripturally sound and musically and artistically competent.

  • Approach worship leadership in ways that reflect sound theological, philosophical, cultural, and practical understandings of ministry
  • Synthesize and apply musical learning
  • Understand, communicate, and perform in a variety of musical styles
  • Interpret Christian scripture responsibly
  • Identify and critically analyze appropriate sources in academic research
  • Understand and assess contemporary church beliefs and practices in light of church history
  • Reflect theologically on contemporary culture and discern the challenges and opportunities for the church to embody a faithful presence within that culture
  • Develop personal and spiritual maturity necessary for worship leadership

Ministry Leadership Program

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Professor of Christian Ministries

Associate Professor of History and Humanities

Professor of Music; Area Chair of Music

DeLong, Noah
Associate Professor of Music

Associate Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities; Associate Professor of History and Humanities; Area Chair of Humane Learning; Joel O. and Mabel Stephens Chair of Bible

Emeritus Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Education; Professor of Sociology and Missions; Area Chair of Social Learning

Associate Professor of Bible and Humanities

Director of Ministry Leadership Program

Associate Dean of the School of Bible and Ministry; Professor of Theology and Philosophy; Area Chair of Biblical Learning; The Kenneth E. Starkey Chair of Bible and Christian Ministries

Associate Professor of Bible

Vera Britton Chair of Bible; Professor of Bible

Professor of Old Testament – Emmanuel Christian Seminary

Paul Blowers
Dean E. Walker Professor of Church History – Emmanuel Christian Seminary

Kip Elolia
Professor of Theology and World Christianity

Jack Holland
Professor of Christian Ministries; Professor of Christian Care and Counseling – Emmanuel Christian Seminary

Theological Librarian & Assistant Director of Library Services

Associate Professor of Theology and Society – Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan

Rollin Ramsaran
Dean of Emmanuel Christian Seminary, Professor of New Testament

Professor of Ministerial Formation

Professor of World Mission and New Testament; Director of the Master of Arts in Christian Ministries Program – Emmanuel Christian Seminary

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