School of Bible & Ministry

Ministers must know the scriptures and how to interpret them, but they also must understand the world and the people to whom they are called to minister. Milligan’s liberal arts education provides a unique broad-based preparation for ministry of all kinds. This is combined with concentrated study in a thorough Bible curriculum taught by distinguished faculty.


Study of the Bible has been foundational to Milligan University since its inception. As the mission statement of the University indicates, Bible stands at the core of the “Christian worldview” that shapes all else about the University. Milligan believes this serious study of scripture should always be connected with service (or “ministry”), and so the majors are focused on teaching, ministering, or serving others in some way.  

Emmanuel Christian Seminary

ECS is an embedded seminary within the School of Bible and Ministry that programs graduate options for our Bible students. Programs include a Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Religion, Master of Arts in Christian Ministries, and Doctor of Ministry.