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Academic Schools

Milligan is organized into five academic schools which reflect the areas of learning first proposed for Milligan by President Dean Walker in 1959. Our academic programs are sub-grouped by area to demonstrate that, under the sovereignty of God, all learning is one.

Dr. Walker described this structure this way: “There is value in recognizing the few basic areas of learning given to man—that which comes from the revelation of God, that which derives from human experience, and that which is seen in nature. Milligan provides for the isolation of these areas of knowledge, only with the understanding that this division of studies will be made the instrument of greater cooperation and sympathy between the several fields of scholarly investigation.”

School of Arts & Humanities

Milligan students receive a foundation for a lifetime of finding meaning in the past, making informed judgments on the present, and preparing for a meaningful future. The arts and humanities develop students’ God-given personalities and talents by increasing their appreciation for and knowledge of human creativity and activity.
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School of Bible & Ministry

Ministers must know the scriptures and how to interpret them, but they also must understand the world and the people to whom they are called to minister. Milligan’s liberal arts education provides a unique broad-based preparation for ministry of all kinds. This is combined with concentrated study in a thorough Bible curriculum taught by distinguished faculty.
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Milligan students studying on the library lawn

William B. Greene, Jr. School of Business & Technology

Our business and technology students want to make a difference. Whether they assume leadership roles or work behind the scenes, our approach ensures that our graduates are prepared with technical skills required for solving complex problems, as well as the ability to think critically about their role in being a positive influence in the workplace. We do all this from a foundation of sound ethical, moral, and Christian principles.
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Chemistry students in lab at Milligan University

School of Sciences and Allied Health

Superior training is what students interested in health, medical, science, math, or technical fields find at Milligan. Through classroom and lab experiences, various research and internship opportunities, and online tools, students explore new technology and become critical thinkers who successfully comprehend and communicate scientific and health knowledge.
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Doctor of Education teacher in a classroom

School of Social Sciences & Education

The social sciences are united by a focus on understanding the workings of human society. This could mean becoming an expert in one particular sphere, such as psychology or political science, or taking a more holistic approach to understanding the causes of social change or the relationships between individual and state.
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