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Dr. Jason Bembry

Professor of Old Testament

B.D. Phillips Building 220
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Jason Bembry, Ph.D.,  B.A. Lipscomb University; M.Div. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; Ph.D. Harvard University

Dr. Jason Bembry has been teaching at Emmanuel since 2005. He teaches Intermediate Hebrew and Old Testament Introduction each year and two other courses, Old Testament Theology and The Old Testament Prophetic Tradition, on a regular basis. Additionally, Dr. Bembry teaches a number of exegesis courses in the Pentateuch, the Deuteronomistic History (Joshua – 2Kings), the Prophets, and the book of Daniel. Dr. Bembry also teaches Aramaic, Ugaritic, and a course on the Septuagint on a three year cycle. He has offered a fully online version of Elementary Hebrew since 2008.

His peer-reviewed articles have appeared in the Journal of Semitic Studies, Maarav: A Journal for the Study of Northwest Semitic Languages and Literatures, and Theology Today. His book reviews have been published in Catholic Biblical Quarterly, Maarav, Hebrew Studies Journal, Journal of Near Eastern Studies and Stone-Campbell Journal. He is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature, the American Schools of Oriental Research, and Catholic Biblical Association. His first book, Yahweh’s Coming of Age, (Eisenbrauns 2011) is available through Amazon. It is an examination of why God is depicted as an old man in the title “Ancient of Days” in Daniel 7. Dr. Bembry published Walking in the Prophetic Tradition: Models of Speaking Truth and Acting in Love for Everyday People in November of 2018.

Dr. Bembry’s initial ministry experience came in an overseas mission experience in Prague, Czech Republic where he lived for a year working with other missionaries evangelizing among college age students. While living in Boston, Dr. Bembry worked as a college minister within a local church in a ministry that served numerous schools in the Boston area. He currently serves on a Czech Mission Team that does outreach ministry in Litomerice, Czech Republic.

Dr. Bembry holds the Ph.D. degree from Harvard University where he focused on Pre-Exilic history and Northwest Semitic, especially Ugaritic. Dr. Bembry received his B. A. from Lipscomb University, M. Div. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and he has taught part time at Harvard, Gordon-Conwell, Lipscomb University and Pepperdine University and full time at Milligan College. His areas of interest in the Old Testament include Hebrew and Aramaic language and Old Testament Theology – especially the theology of the prophets. Dr. Bembry is married and has 3 sons. He enjoys coaching baseball, and spending time with his family.

Courses Taught

  • Languages
    • Elementary Hebrew
    • Intermediate Hebrew
    • Biblical Aramaic
    • Ugaritic
    • Septuagint
  • Exegesis
    • Daniel
    • Genesis
    • Deuteronomy
    • The Deuteronomistic History
    • Isaiah
    • Amos and Hosea
  • Theologically Oriented Courses
    • Old Testament Theology
    • The Old Testament Prophetic Tradition