Study of the Bible has been foundational to Milligan University since its inception. As the mission statement of the University indicates, Bible stands at the core of the “Christian worldview” that shapes all else about the University.

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Bible Minor

Because the Bible minor is intended strictly as a study of scripture, it is suitable for any student, regardless of major, who desires a deeper foundation in the Bible. It consists of six courses, equally divided between Old Testament and New Testament and includes the basic survey classes (BIBL 123 and 124).

Course Requirements

View all details and course requirements for this program in the Milligan University Catalog (link below). The Milligan University academic catalog is the official, authoritative source for all academic requirements and policies. Any discrepancies in curricular requirements from other sources will default to the Catalog.


Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies

Professor of Old Testament

Paul Blowers
Dean E. Walker Professor of Church History

Curtis Booher
Professor of Christian Ministries

Kip Elolia
Professor of Christian Theology and World Christianity

Jack Holland
Russell F. and Marian J. Blowers Professor of Christian Ministries; Professor of Christian Care and Counseling

Associate Professor of Bible and Humanities

Beth Jarvis
Director of Ministry Resource Center

Ron Kastens
Academic Dean of the Seminary and Associate Professor of Christian Ministry

Phil Kenneson
The Kenneth E. Starkey Chair of Bible and Christian Ministries; Associate Dean of the School of Bible and Ministry; Professor of Theology and Philosophy

David Kiger
Director of Libraries and Theological Librarian

Jeff Miller
Vera Britton Chair of Bible; Professor of Bible

Professor of Theology and Society

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