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School of Arts & Humanities

Milligan provides a uniquely integrated curriculum of liberal arts studies with professional preparation. Students receive a foundation for a lifetime of finding meaning in the past, making informed judgments on the present, and preparing for a meaningful future. The arts and humanities develop students’ God-given personalities and talents by increasing their appreciation for and knowledge of human creativity and activity.


Focus Areas

Performing, Visual, & Communicative Arts


Music: Prepare to use your talents to entertain, educate, perform, inspire, and minister by studying with experienced faculty and working with internationally renowned musicians, conductors, actors, and dancers, while performing in concerts, recitals, plays, and musicals in beautiful Seeger Chapel and the Gregory Center’s state-of-the-art theatre.

Musical Theatre: Train in voice, acting, and dance in an intimate program that allows students to be involved in all aspects of theatre and create musical productions each year, performed in a state-of-the-art facility while learning from passionate and knowledgeable music and theatre professionals.

Theatre Arts: Develop a basic knowledge and appreciation for all facets of theatre work to work as actors, costumers, stage managers, set designers, lighting technicians, sound operators, stage carpenters, arts agency promoters, and stage directors, or go on to study theatre in graduate school in preparation for teaching or work in professional theatre. Includes two concentrations in design & production and performance.


Art: Acquire a strong foundation in visual art skills, insights, and overall aesthetic awareness, while showcasing your work in local galleries, juried shows, and published articles, all while preparing for careers as a professional artist or art educator.

Film: Prepare for work within the motion picture industry or graduate school by gaining a solid foundation in film production, film history, and film theory, culminating in a capstone short film project and exhibition at various short film festivals.

Graphic Design: Study print design, digital illustration, type design, web/mobile design, package design, animation/motion graphics, and other digital media in a comprehensive curriculum that combines creativity and artistic abilities with industry-leading software and opportunities for hands-on experience working with clients in Milligan’s student-run media agency and showcasing your work in galleries and shows.

Interactive Media Design: Develop a knowledge base in motion design, web design, and print design, and gain real-world experience in a variety of settings such as working with clients in Milligan’s student-run media agency, creating an online portfolio, participating in group projects, and exhibiting your works.


Multimedia Journalism: Prepare for contemporary journalism and gain hands-on news media experience by reporting news and producing features in a variety of media platforms, including online, print, television and video, photography, podcasts, and social media, through internships and Milligan’s student-run news organization.

Strategic Communication (PR): Prepare to work as effective communicators in corporate or organizational settings by gaining skills and hands-on experience in publicity and promotions, marketing, advertising, and internal organizational communication, as well as working with real-world clients in Milligan’s student-run media agency.

Humane Learning
  • English majors develop writing and editing skills for a variety of professional settings, hone the critical skills necessary in graduate programs, and attain teaching skills to cover a broad range of courses.
  • History majors work with faculty to develop, research, and write a thesis, and many have become teachers, lawyers, physicians, ministers, archivists, business professionals, and practicing historians.
  • Humanities majors work with a faculty member to create a personalized, interdisciplinary major that helps them see the relationships between subjects.
  • Spanish majors develop communicative competency in Spanish, studying history, cultures, and literatures of the Spanish-speaking world.

Successful Graduates
Graphic design student showing print piece

Our graduates have served as journalists, editors, and creative writers; worked for NASA, The New York Times, CNN, Skillshare, and Dreamworks SKG; taught in public and private schools and colleges; conducted music organizations, performed professionally, and served in music ministry; practiced law; and worked in PR and marketing. Some have pursued graduate studies in architecture, English, theology, library science, music, medical school, and more.

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