School of Arts & Humanities

Milligan provides a uniquely integrated curriculum of liberal arts studies with professional preparation. Students receive a foundation for a lifetime of finding meaning in the past, making informed judgments on the present, and preparing for a meaningful future. The arts and humanities develop students’ God-given personalities and talents by increasing their appreciation for and knowledge of human creativity and activity.


Focus Areas

Performing, Visual, & Communicative Arts
  • Communications majors have opportunities for a wide range of careers in both mainstream media and church settings. They are distinguished by their solid theoretical knowledge, professional skills, and ability to think and act as Christians in a world where all media converge to form a set of compelling communications tools.
  • Fine arts majors learn fundamental skills, theories, principles, and technologies, as well as the history and current trends in the arts. Art and photography students showcase their work in local galleries, consistently win juried shows, and publish work in Photographer’s Forum Best of College Photography Annual. Film students enter independent film festivals and can study at the Los Angeles Film Studies Program. Theatre students do two mainstage productions each year in our new state-of-the art theatre, tour local schools with the award-winning Theatre for Young Audiences, direct at the annual Festival of One Act Plays and Short Films, and submit their playwriting to the nationally recognized Barter Theatre.
  • Music majors include lovers of music, accomplished performers, and avid music aficionados. They perform in choirs, vocal ensembles, and orchestra. Performers have the opportunity to go on tour, present world premieres, and perform with internationally renowned composers and musicians with regional symphonies.
  • Musical Theatre majors develop their performance skills through singing, acting, and dancing while exploring acting, stage direction, and the technical and design aspects of theatre production in a state-of-the-art facility. Students learn from dedicated and knowledgeable music and theatre professionals and create musical productions each year.
Humane Learning
  • English majors develop writing and editing skills for a variety of professional settings, hone the critical skills necessary in graduate programs, and attain teaching skills to cover a broad range of courses.
  • Humanities majors work with a faculty member to create a personalized, interdisciplinary major that helps them see the relationships between subjects.
  • History majors work with faculty to develop, research, and write a thesis, and many have become teachers, lawyers, physicians, ministers, archivists, business professionals, and practicing historians.
  • Spanish majors develop communicative competency in Spanish, studying history, cultures, and literatures of the Spanish-speaking world.
Successful Graduates
Graphic design student showing print piece

Our graduates have taught in public and private schools and colleges; served as journalists, editors, and creative writers; worked for NASA, CNN, Skillshare, and Dreamworks SKG; conducted professional music organizations, taught studio music, performed professionally, and served in music ministry; practiced law; worked in public relations, marketing, and business. Some have pursued graduate studies in architecture, English, theology, library science, music, and medical school.

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