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Interactive Media Design

The major in interactive media design develops a knowledge base of design theory and skills in three of computer-based graphics: motion design, web design, and print design.

Based upon Milligan University’s mission “to honor God by educating men and women to be servant-leaders,” the major aims to educate students to become astute visual communicators. The program provides a survey of media types that will broaden the student’s understanding of human-computer interaction. Students will explore digital culture and the design field, and their place in the world from a faith-centered perspective.

In addition to hands-on instruction and lecture-based classes, students will gain real-world experience in a variety of settings such as working with clients in Milligan’s student-run media agency, creating an online portfolio, participating in group projects, and exhibiting their works. Graduates of the interactive media design major will be able to pursue design careers with well-rounded digital skills that will help them compete in an ever-evolving market.


Scholarships are available in some areas, based on the applicant’s talent and ability, academic achievement, and need. Award amounts vary at the discretion of the faculty. Learn more »

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Course Requirements

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Assistant Professor of Interactive Media and Design

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