The Music Performance major prepares students to be accomplished and well-rounded musicians who are equipped for a variety of professional situations such as performing, teaching, and ministry.

The study of music is inherently about observation, analysis, and experimentation. Our students observe their teachers and other performers; they analyze the what and the how of performance techniques, then they apply what they observed, analyzed, and acquired so they can create their art (singing, playing instruments, conducting, dancing, acting, etc.) at a high level.

This music degree program maintains a course of study that meets professional standards and national best practices. The curriculum structure provides intentional and effective

Instruction in the three primary areas of music study:

1. Performance: Primary and secondary applied areas, repertory, ensembles, conducting, productions, and capstone recitals

2. Musicianship: Music theory, aural skills, orchestration and formal analysis, and music history

3. Specialization: Vocal and instrument pedagogy, diction, and research


Professor of Music; Area Chair of Music

DeLong, Noah
Professor of Music

Assistant Professor of Music

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