Milligan computer information systems

Web Development


The web development minor enables students to deepen their understanding of web development concepts as they relate to the information technology and computer science fields. This concentration is recommended for students interested in careers as web designers, web developers, or full-stack developers.

Course Requirements

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Professor of Economics

Carolyn Carter
Associate Dean of the William B. Greene, Jr. School of Business and Technology; The Don and Clarinda Jeanes Chair of Servant Leadership; Professor of Computer Information Systems and Business Administration

Namyoun Choi
Associate Professor of Computer Science

Kristal Dove
Associate Professor of Business Administration; Area Chair of Business

Dale Giblin
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Assistant Professor of Legal Studies

Bill Greer Headshot
President; J. Henry Kegley Chair of Business and Economics; Professor of Business and Economics

Shannon Hogan
Associate Professor of Business Administration

Bob Mahan
Professor of Accounting

Vicki Sitter
Professor Emerita of Business Administration

Brad Ward
Associate Professor of Business Administration

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