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Veteran Education Benefits

We are honored you have chosen Milligan and look forward to guiding you on your journey to activate your VA Educational Benefits.

Milligan is located in a veteran rich area with almost 10% of the region’s population military veterans. A highly-rated VA hospital and health care system are 10 minutes from campus. There is a vibrant support system in the Tri-Cities that includes the Military Affairs Council, and it’s beautiful location, attractive cost-of-living, and many regional amenities makes it the perfect place to pursue your educational goals. Check out our list of resources below, including a free application waiver code.

GI Bill® Eligibility

Milligan University is eligible to receive veterans and other eligible persons who are entitled to benefits under Chapters 30, 31, 32, 33, 35, 1606, and 1607.

General Policies and Procedures

First-time and transfer student veterans are required to provide a photocopy of Member Copy 4 of Department of Defense (DD Form 214) Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty; a copy of DD Form 2366 Montgomery GI Bill® Act of 1984 (GI Bill election form), if available; or other veterans educational assistance benefit entitlement/eligibility documents, including but not limited to university fund contracts, if any.

Reservists and members of the National Guard need to provide DD Form 2384,Selected Reserve Educational Assistance Program Notice of Basic Eligibility, which must be collected from your unit. Dependents of totally and permanently service-connected disabled (or deceased) veterans applying for educational assistance benefits should provide a copy of the disabled veteran Rating Decision or a copy of their USDVA Certificate of Eligibility, if received from a previously submitted application.

Veterans in an undergraduate standing are required to provide any available official uniformed services evaluations of education, training, and experience that have been prepared in accordance with the American Council on Education’s Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services and/or National Guide to Educational Credit for Training (“ACE Guides”). Academic credit is generally awarded for formal education and training only. To receive VA education benefits while attending Milligan University, undergraduate students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA.

Veterans Payments

Most payments are made each month directly to the veteran. Some benefits available under Chapters 31 and 33 are paid directly to the university. The Veterans Administration provides counseling and vocational planning services for any veteran who needs this assistance. Students who desire additional information may contact their nearest Veterans Administration Office or to the Registrar’s Office of Milligan University.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Policies and Procedures for Chapter 33 and the Yellow Ribbon Education Benefits Program


Milligan University has been approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs to participate in the Post 9/11 GI Bill® Education Enhancement Program, also known as the Yellow Ribbon Program. This approval began on August 1, 2009, and extends through July 31, 2024. Application and approval processes are based on an annual calendar running from August 1 through July 31. Milligan University has agreed to provide scholarship contributions for up to 50 undergraduate students and up to 10 graduate students. The maximum yearly contribution amount for undergraduate students for 2023-2024 was $11,100; the maximum yearly contribution amount for graduate students for 2023-2024 was $5,000. Please use our free waiver code YELLOWRIBBON to apply for free.

Yellow Ribbon monies will be distributed for each fall and spring semester of enrollment in the form of institutional scholarships for each award year that the university is approved by the VA for the Yellow Ribbon Program.

For a veteran to be placed on a first-come-first-serve list for Yellow Ribbon benefits, the School Certifying Official (at Milligan, this is the Registrar) must receive the following documentation for the veteran:

  • Any pertinent VA Form DD-214 (noting honorable discharge)
  • Notification from VA of veteran’s eligibility for Chapter 33 benefits including the percentage of eligibility (Only veterans who are eligible at the 100% level can receive the Yellow Ribbon scholarship.)
  • An award letter from the VA for students who are eligible and have been approved for Transfer of Entitlement from a parent or spouse

Still need to apply to the university? No problem! Remember to use fee waiver code YELLOWRIBBON to apply for free.

Helpful Information

Certification to the VA

Enrollment at Milligan University will be reported by the SCO using Enrollment Manager (EM) for each fall, spring, and summer enrollment period, noting credit hours, start/end dates, tuition, fees, and Yellow Ribbon scholarship amount.

Changes in Enrollment

Students receiving VA education benefits must notify the SCO immediately of any changes in hours including adds, drops, and withdrawals from the university.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students must demonstrate their ability to perform satisfactorily both by grade point average (qualitative) and by hours attempted/completed (quantitative). Milligan University will use the satisfactory academic progress policy as described in the catalog on pages 38 and 216. Students will receive a warning letter at the end of a semester when their cumulative GPA does not meet the qualitative standard but will continue to be eligible to have their enrollment certified to the VA education benefits for the following semester. The warning letter will indicate that the student must be making satisfactory academic progress at the end of the following semester in order to continue to receive VA education benefits. Students who have an unacceptable cumulative GPA, but have shown a substantial improvement during the semester by attaining a 2.0, will continue to be eligible to receive VA education benefits on a semester to semester basis.


Students receiving VA education benefits are responsible for debts incurred through overpayments by the VA that resulted from dropped courses or from completed courses with grades received which do not count toward graduation. The process for withdrawal from class/college and the refund policy are described in the catalog. In Enrollment Manager the SCO notifies the VA of the change in enrollment status, which could result in the student owing money to the VA and/or the university.

Appeals Process

An appeal related to decisions made by Milligan University should be initiated with the SCO, who, if necessary, will involve the VP for Business and Finance in the ruling on the appeal.

Military Leave Policy

If a reserve student is called up or if a student enlists for active military duty while attending Milligan, the university will do its best to protect the academic and financial interests of the student within the norms of good academic judgment. The student must meet with the Academic Dean and provide proof of being called to active duty. The Dean, after conferring with the Director of Financial Aid, the Vice President for Business and Finance, the student’s current instructors and adviser, and the student, will decide the course of action. The Dean will then process the necessary paperwork and place the student on military leave status. If the student does not concur with the Dean’s decision, the student may appeal to the President. The student is responsible for all room and board and related expenses incurred.

Refund Policy

If a student must withdraw during a term due to service obligations, funds provided by the Departments of Defense and Veterans Administration will be treated in same manner as a refund of Title IV funds. The aid will be earned on a pro-rata basis during the enrollment period with unearned funds returned based upon when a student stops attending. See the financial aid section of the catalog for a full description of refund policy of Title IV funds.


Service members who did not attend, or did not continue to attend, because of service in the uniformed services may seek readmission to a Milligan University program of study with the same academic status as when previously admitted. Please see the Admissions section of the catalog for information about readmission procedures.

Education Plan

The catalog describes the requirements for the completion of the various programs of study including the total number of hours required for completion of the degrees along with the general education requirements, major and/or minor requirements, and elective courses. In addition, the university registrars evaluate previous coursework from other accredited institutions and relevant military training and provide a summary of the findings. This evaluation is provided within 60 days after the individual has selected a degree program and all required official transcripts have been received.



Becky Robertson
Associate Registrar

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