A group of students on Pardee lawn holding a soccer ball.

Start a Club/Organization

Interested in starting a new student club/organization at Milligan? These guidelines and procedures will help students get started!

Chartering a New Club/Organization

The chartering process is for new student groups wishing to be recognized by the university as an official student club/organization. Being chartered gives student clubs/organizations access to university club funding, various campus resources, and networking opportunities with other student leaders. Support groups will have their own set of parameters, rights, and responsibilities as articulated by the Dean of Students or designee.

Steps to Charter a Club/Organization

  1. Read the student club/organization guidelines and responsibilities.
  2. Set up a meeting with the Director of Campus Activities (bkdavis@milligan.edu). Prepare to discuss ideas, mission, and goals for approval by the Director of Campus Activities and Dean of Students.
  3. Contact potential advisor to gage interest then submit name for approval to the Director of Campus Activities and Dean of Students.
  4. A student club/organization must provide the names of three active student leaders and a faculty/staff advisor.
  5. Complete the club/organization formation form.
  6. Complete the club/organization formation membership form. There is a five (5) member minimum for consideration as an official student club/organization.
  7. Complete the student club/organization leader commitment form. Every person on next year’s leadership team must submit this form.
  8. Have the club/organization’s advisor read the advisor section on the website and complete the advisor consent form.
  9. Turn in membership list to the Director of Campus Activities and complete the forms above for approval.
  10. New student clubs/organizations must attend the next upcoming SGA meeting to receive charter. Upon completion of the above steps and approval by the Director of Campus Activities, the Director of Campus Activities will be in contact with student leaders regarding meeting date, time, and location to attend.

Tips on How to Fill Out Club/Organization Formation Form

  • Club/Organization’s name
  • Club/Organization’s leadership team names and email addresses (minimum of 3 leadership positions)
  • Club/Organization’s faculty/staff advisor name and email address
  • Mission statement
    • A club/organization mission statement should clearly and concisely describe both WHO the club/organization is and WHAT the club/organization does. Within this statement it should be apparent that who the club/organization is informs what the club/organization does. The mission statement should also reflect the educational mission statement of Milligan University and the values included in Milligan’s student handbook.
  • Statement of purpose
    • This statement describes WHY the club/organization exists, and what the club/organization plans to be their role as a part of the Milligan University community.
  • Tentative schedule of meeting and event dates/times
  • Club/Organization’s structure
    • This should include a club/organization’s decision-making procedures, defining roles and responsibilities of student leadership team, and strategies for maintaining continuity within the club/organization