Club/Organization Formation

Club/Organization Formation Form

A club/organization mission statement should clearly and concisely describe both WHO the club/organization is and WHAT the club/organization does. Within this statement it should be apparent that who the club/organization is informs what the club/organization does. The mission statement should also reflect the educational mission statement of Milligan University and the values included in Milligan’s student handbook.
This statement describes WHY the club/organization exists, and what the club/organization plans to be their role as a part of the Milligan University community.

Club/Organization Leadership Team

Please list the names, leadership title, and email addresses of each leader of the club/organization. Minimum of 3 leadership positions.
Name 1
Name 2
Name 3
Advisor Name
This should include a club/organization’s decision-making procedures, defining roles and responsibilities of student leadership team, and strategies for maintaining continuity within the club/organization.