Students pose with Brutus the Buffalo outside

Responsibilities of Advisors

  • Provide assistance and direction to the club/organization. Encourage the student leadership to develop programs and events that add to the mission of the university.
  • Help maintain continuity from year to year by reviewing the charter and goals set by leadership and noting helpful traditions and programs within the group.
  • The advisor has the right, and the responsibility, to postpone an activity or publication, if the advisor deems it inappropriate, until it is brought before the Director of Campus Activities.
  • Understand and guide club/organization leaders and members to follow/respect Milligan University’s policies and procedures as listed in the Student Handbook.

Tips for Effective Advising

  • Set expectations early
    • Both the advisor and club/organization leaders need to understand what each person expects out of their involvement. Some clubs/organizations may need the advisor’s involvement more than others.
  • Make oneself available
    • Being accessible to the leaders increases the advisor’s effectiveness on the club/organization. Please be sure the student leaders can reach the advisor through email or office number.
    • Attend regular meetings to show the advisor’s involvement in the club/organization and to be keep an eye of the club/organization’s happenings.
  • Challenge the club/organization
    • Encourage the club/organization to try new and creative events. Challenge them to develop a vision, goals, and events that enhance their experiences at Milligan in new ways.


All advisors must sign and submit an advisor consent form to be considered the official advisor of a student club/organization.