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Heritage Booking


We are very excited to send Heritage to serve you through song.  Thank you so much for your willingness to host them.  In preparation for their arrival, it would be of great help if you could take a couple of minutes and fill out the Booking Form below.  If you need any other information please email me at

Kit Dotson
Director of Church Relations
Milligan University

Downloads for Churches

The following are important downloads that you might need concerning Heritage.

Heritage Booking Form Non Local

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • amount of time allotted for Heritage
  • Where will Heritage be singing in the service?
  • Housing

    With churches that are out of town, Heritage will need housing on either Saturday Night (if they are singing Sunday Morning) or Sunday Night (if they are singing Sunday Evening). This is almost always accomplished through generous families from the church who are willing to host a couple of students for the evening. Heritage in 2017-2018 consists of five young ladies and four young men. The best procedure for housing is for the host families to meet the students at the church at a designated time and proceed to the homes. The students can communicate by cell phone with the church contact any changes in their arrival time due to delays, traffic etc. One group of students can travel to their host homes in the school van.
  • Food

    Some Churches provide a meal afterwards. This is by no means necessary and certainly not expected. However, it does help our planning to know whether or not that is a part of your plan. So if you would simply respond either Yes or No to the following question about food that would be very helpful. Please feel no pressure here either- if you are providing a meal that is much appreciated, but if you are not it is absolutely no problem at all.