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Church Relations

As a Christian liberal arts university dedicated to academic excellence and the education of the Christian leaders of tomorrow, Milligan depends on the annual financial support provided by its partner churches. In addition to financial support, churches partner with Milligan through prayer, encouragement and by assisting in the recruitment of potential students. In this section, we have outlined some of the resources available to our partner churches and some additional useful information about the University and its role in developing the ministers, missionaries, and church leaders of tomorrow.

Office of Church Relations

The mission of the Milligan University Office of Church Relations is to establish and strengthen mutually beneficial relationships between the University and the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. Please contact Kit Dotson, Director of Church Relations, for more information or to schedule any of the following opportunities for Milligan to be represented within your church.

  • Speaker or guest preacher for worship services or other church events
  • Visit from a Milligan representative to a church missions team, staff member or team leader
  • Milligan printed materials
  • Milligan University display for use in missions fairs or other events
  • Visit from a Milligan admissions counselor to church youth or student groups or activities
  • Milligan faculty or staff member for preaching, Bible study leadership or other teaching opportunities
Church Affiliation

Throughout its history, Milligan University has maintained an active relationship with the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. Committed to the restoration of New Testament Christianity and the unity of all believers, these congregations are a dynamic and growing fellowship.

The Christian people participating in this movement consistently disclaim denominational status, and the faculty and trustees of the University maintain an intelligent awareness of a commitment to this position. The members of Milligan University feel that such a nondenominational position permits them to examine all aspects of life, secular and religious, in the light of the New Testament, unrestricted by human tradition.

In this view of Christian faith, all vocations, avocations, and associations permitting the exercise of fellowship under the Lordship of Christ are expressions of good citizenship under God, in state, in church, and in society. In the Milligan University tradition students are confronted with a synthesis of learning. The University regards this synthesis of learning as essential to the understanding of and personal responsibility in the various relationships in life for the stewardship of which all must give account before God and humanity.

Accordingly, no denominational or creedal tests are imposed upon any student in admission to membership in Milligan University or in the attainment of any of its honors, awards, or degrees.

Church Support

Every year, there is a significant gap between the amount provided by tuition—tuition covers only 70 percent of the cost of operating the University—and the amount needed to fund the University’s programs. The portion of the gap that needs to be met with gift income each year is $1.3 million. With enrollment levels at record highs and an urgent sense of calling to meet the leadership needs of society, the need for financial assistance from Milligan’s supporting churches is more significant than ever before.


  • Milligan provides an educational opportunity for students who have committed themselves to Christian Service and seek ministry training.
  • Milligan develops and empowers the missionaries, ministers, teachers and church leaders of tomorrow.
  • The Milligan mission remains a vital and essential need in our world to encourage a new generation of leaders for our churches, and for our communities and our world.
  • By offering a wide array of academic disciplines within a Christian context, Milligan reflects the Restoration Movement’s emphasis on the Priesthood of All Believers.
  • Leadership in the 21st century church requires a comprehensive Christian worldview and the ability to seize opportunities and meet challenges in diverse and creative ways. Milligan’s Christian-focused, liberal arts education uniquely prepares future ministers and church leaders with the skills they will need for their ministries to thrive and the cause of Christ to be glorified in today’s world.

For more information about your church establishing a partnership for the support of Christian education at Milligan, please contact Kit Dotson.

Doctrinal Faith Statement

The University does not publish a separate doctrinal statement, consistent with the tradition of its supporting churches to place primary emphasis on the sufficiency of scripture to speak directly where matters of faith and application are concerned.  Milligan is a Christ-centered institution—clearly seen through its commitment to hire Christian faculty and staff who integrate faith into their daily work with students and colleagues; balanced campus lifestyle policies that are based on clear scriptural mandates as well as those that simply ensure a healthy and wholesome environment; and numerous opportunities that promote servant-leadership development through Chapel programs, Bible studies, retreats, lectures, community service, etc.


Kit Dotson
Director of Church Relations

Rhajon Smith
Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Phil Roberts
Assistant to the President for Seminary Development