A group of students on Pardee lawn holding a soccer ball.

Campus Activities Board

The Milligan Campus Activities Board (CAB) is committed to enriching the student experience by offering a wide range of co-curricular opportunities. Its formal mission statement is to enhance students’ educational experience through opportunities. CAB works to achieve this mission by their thoughtfulness and intent behind each event and program.

Events hosted by CAB almost always aim toward having fun; however, it’s more than that. CAB carefully considers what is the greatest thing to be gained in each event activity they host. Their programs and events are carefully designed to build real community at Milligan. By appealing to the widest variety of people possible, CAB works to ensure that all students feel included and offered the chance to make Milligan home. These programs leave students with something to widen their view of the world and how they fit into it.


Each semester, CAB and other campus clubs and organizations host approximately 40 events.

Students enjoying a water slide on Wonderful Wednesday

From Welcome Week to Wonderful Wednesday, CAB strives to enhance student involvement and meet student needs outside the classroom.


CAB events are advertised through email, social, various bulletin boards, the SUB7 video wall, and Milligan Today.