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Milligan seminary professor’s new book focuses on Christian theologian

MILLIGAN COLLEGE, Tenn. (May 18, 2016) – A seminary professor’s recently published book hopes to shed new light on a theologian many consider to be one of the greatest in the Eastern Christian (Orthodox) tradition: Maximus the Confessor.

Dr. Paul Blowers, the Dean E. Walker Professor of Church History at Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan, recently published his new book, “Maximus the Confessor: Jesus Christ and the Transfiguration of the World” (Christian Theology in Context), in April, and it’s on sale at and the Milligan Bookstore. Maximus was famous for defending the idea that Jesus wasn’t just a divinely manipulated puppet but exercised his own fully-human will in obedience to the Father.

“My own interest in Maximus goes way back to my seminary days,” said Blowers, who is a 1977 graduate of Milligan College and holds a Master of Divinity from Emmanuel. “He was a critically important figure in the last stages of the early Christian controversies over the person of Jesus Christ, regarding both his divinity and humanity.”

This is the third book Blowers has written on Maximus. His doctoral dissertation at the University of Notre Dame, which was published in 1991, focused on Maximus’ role as a biblical interpreter. In 2003, he published a translation of some of Maximus’ works.

“This latest book deals with Maximus’ theology in its historical context and examines how it influenced later Christian thought,” said Blowers, who joined Emmanuel’s faculty in 1989 and is a scholar of patristics and early Christianity, as well as the Stone-Campbell heritage.

Blowers also earned a Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Notre Dame. He has been active in Milligan’s theatre area over the years, starring in many productions.

The book can be ordered by calling the Milligan Bookstore at 800.446.4045.

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