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YiM summer conference 2017 headerJuly 9-15, 2017 – New EARLY summer date

Do you have an idea of what you want to do with your life and feel God is guiding you to a career or vocation that fits with your passions? Do you think that God is calling you into full-time vocational ministry? Or are you completely clueless and have no idea what to do with your future?

Wherever you are, if you want to follow God’s call for your life and need some help thinking through it all, this conference is for you.


  • WORSHIP with a terrific praise band
  • CONSIDER your future
  • LEARN about spiritual disciplines
  • CONNECT with other student leaders
  • FORM lasting friendships with small group members
  • EXPERIENCE leaders and teachers that encourage a life of servant leadership

Pick your forums
: Leadership, Intimacy with God, Prayer, Career Search, Worship Leadership, Missions, Creative Media, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Preaching, Next Steps, and more!

Nearly one-half of students attend on their own and make new friends quickly. Student leaders representing church youth groups also attend.

Please join us for YiM if you are a student leader who is passionate about deepening your relationship with Christ.

Large group worship 2Registration

Registration is open to high school graduation years 2017-2020. Registration is limited to 100 students.

Early bird discount: $400 before June 1

Registration fee: $500 after June 1

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What Others Are Saying


YiM has changed my life. I felt the presence of God in a real way. I’ve made lifelong friendships, and I have been inspired to pursue God’s call for my life. I will speak His name fearlessly in whatever I do.
– Molly, Raleigh, NC

YiM was unbelievable! I went home a different person.
– Becca, Griffin, GA

The YiM conference challenged my spiritual walk and made me more aware of God’s call for my life.
– Jessica, Lexington, KY

The YiM conference was powerful. I have made so many strong friendships. I love that the YiM staff has so much passion for helping students become leaders.
– Wilson, Bloomingdale, GA

YiM gave me a sense of peace in my relationship with God and a sense of peace about my future.
– Krista, Plainfield, IL

I have learned so much during YiM and I saw God work in amazing ways. I’ve grown in more ways than I imagined in one week. Thank you for providing the opportunity to worship Christ with my whole being.
– Jaime, Orlando, FL

I’ve learned how to create a deeper relationship with God through my experience at YiM.
– Anna, Johnson City, TN

The YiM conference helped me grow in my faith and to prepare for college in the fall. I recommend this conference to anyone who is looking to be a leader and go deeper in their faith.
– Emily, Savannah, GA


“As always, Youth in Ministry comes out on top! My students have come back from this conference with an even greater passion for Christ, and a confidence to be leaders in the church. I’ve seen Youth in Ministry work in my life and in the lives of students all around me. This is a conference that brings the best out of students and can truly transform lives. Christ is truly at work here! If you have a student who has leadership potential, this is where they need to be!!”
– Chris Wells, Worship and Engagement Pastor, Collective Church, Frederick, MD

“I want to extend a huge ‘Thanks’ to the Youth in Ministry Student Leadership Conference. When my four students got back from this week-long experience, they were refreshed and reinvigorated in their faith. Each student came back with a better understanding of their God-given abilities, purpose, and calling in life. This conference brought out the best in my students & gave them direction moving forward in their relationships with God. If you have a student who is interested in leadership & deepening their faith, the Youth in Ministry Conference is the place for them to be. I’ll definitely be bringing our church back next year.”
– Joshua Little, Campus Pastor, RiverTree Christian Church, Uniontown, OH

“After returning from the Youth in Ministry Student Leadership Conference, our students are more excited than ever about God’s calling! During their week-long experience, they were encouraged to discover their strengths, made great new connections and friendships with adult mentors as well as with other students from around the country, and they learned more about applying Biblical principles to their everyday lives. I plan to send an even larger group of teens next summer. Thanks, YiM!” 
– Matt Agnew, Pastor of Student Ministries and Executive Director of “The Bridge”, Chandler Christian Church, AZ

“Our students have all loved YiM and come back inspired. Most of the students we have sent have already been serving, leading and making an impact at Lifepointe so the changes aren’t drastic. However, what I have noticed is that they are inspired that there are other student leaders out there who are like them. The networking has been huge and given them more confidence to try bolder tasks such as leading their own Bible Study with peers separate from normal programming. Many have also connected with the idea that vocational ministry could be for them and are considering Christian college education despite coming from public schooling.”  
– Todd Fischer, Executive Pastor of Ministries, LifePointe Christian Church, Raleigh, NC



Q: What time does the conference begin? 
A: Registration is on Sunday afternoon between 3-5 pm. It is helpful to arrive during this time so that you can meet your roommates and counselor. Dinner is at 6 pm with the conference in full swing at 7 pm.

Q: What time does the conference end? 
A: On Saturday morning, we host a brunch and we hope your parents and/or youth leader will join us at 9 am in McCormick Dining Center in Sutton Hall. We’ll have a short closing service at 10 am. The conference closes at 11 am.

Q: What if I need to leave before the conference is complete? 
A: We really hope that you can commit to the entire week. The end of the week is a critical time for conference activities. Students who leave early always regret it.

Q: Is airport transportation available? 
A: Yes, we are happy to pick you up at the Tri- Cities, TN (TRI) airport. Please make arrangements to arrive on Sunday, between 1- 3 pm and depart on Saturday between 1-3 pm. If this flight schedule does not work for you, contact us BEFORE you book the flights. The YiM staff has limited availability before and after the conference.

Q: Is there a dress code policy?
A: You are welcome to wear jeans, t-shirts, etc. Shorts are ok, too, as long as they are no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. One piece swim suits are preferred for girls. The rooms may be cool with air conditioning, so sweaters or hoodies are a good idea.

Q: What can you tell me about my counselor? 
A: We have a one to five ratio of counselor to students. Counselors are Milligan College students with strong reputations for a deep spiritual life and leadership abilities. Most often the counselors are Milligan juniors or seniors. The teens are separated by gender in the dorms and are housed with their small group counselor.

Q: May I drive to Milligan and leave my car on campus? 
A: Yes, but you are not permitted to drive at any time during the conference. Students who leave campus without the YiM Director or Conference Dean’s permission will be sent home immediately. At registration, let us know that you have a car on campus so that we can give you a visitor’s pass.

Q: What is the cell phone policy?
A: Students may have their cell phones but are asked to turn them off during any conference activity.

Q: May students bring computers or other electronic devices?
A: We don’t recommend it. Even during free time there are many opportunities for social interaction that you won’t want to miss. Additionally, YiM is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Q: What should I pack? 
A: Students will need to bring their bed and bath linens (twin size sheets). Additionally, they will need toiletries, such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. We do encourage students to bring something warm as well as sensible footwear (not flip flops), as there will be a hike during the conference.

Student Ministers

Q: Do I have to attend the conference with my students? 
A: You do not have to be at Milligan for the YiM Student Leadership Conference. Lots of students attend on their own. Your students will be with our counselors and other adult leaders throughout the conference.

Q: Can I attend the conference with my students?
A: Of course! We would love for you to be a part of the week with the students. We have found that YiM can be a refreshing week of spiritual growth not only for the students, but for our counselors, leaders, and adults as well. You are welcome to participate in all of the main sessions, workshops, devotionals, and fellowship for the week. We are so glad that you want to come be a part of this with us, and we hope that your relationship with Christ can be strengthened and that we can grow together as a community of believers.

**Due to the rising costs of everything (food, housing, and other items used during the conference) the following policy and related charges will be in place:

  1. Each student group may have one adult guest for every 10 students at no charge.
  2. If you do not have 10 students attending the conference, there will be a $100 charge per adult leader.
  3. If your church representative is involved in the conference as a counselor or workshop leader, there will be no additional charge.
  4. Each additional representative or spouse from the church will be charged $100 each.  Fee for children is $75 each.

Q: If I bring students to the conference, is there a place for me to stay? 
A: Yes, just let us know in advance that you will need accommodations. We allow for free housing and food for one adult for each 10 students with a church. If you bring less than 10 students, there is a charge. See fees below for additional info.

Q: If I bring students to the conference, what can I do for the week while they are there? 
A: Discover LOTS of great things to do in Northeast Tennessee. You can’t beat our area for hiking, white water rafting, and lots of other fun adventures. God did some great work to make our region beautiful! You can also make use of the Milligan and Emmanuel libraries if you want to plan your year, research a new series, etc.

Q: Can I send my students with a youth sponsor? 
A: Yes, just let us know in advance who will need accommodations. We allow for free housing and food for one adult for each 10 students with a church.  See below for additional info.



Milligan_campusThe Youth in Ministry Student Leadership Conference is held on the campus of Milligan College in East Tennessee. Milligan College lies nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in the Northeast corner of the State of Tennessee, U.S. Located between Johnson City and Elizabethton on the Milligan Highway, the campus is just minutes from the Tri-Cities (Johnson City, Kingsport, and Bristol) region and an hour’s drive to historic Asheville, North Carolina.

Milligan College is located at:
1 Blowers Boulevard
Milligan College, TN 37682

For Directions and Travel Help, please visit:

About Youth in Ministry

YIM Transparent

The mission of Youth in Ministry (YiM) is to encourage high school students to pursue God’s call in their lives and to be servant-leaders.

Youth in Ministry (YiM) provides ministry resources and programs that encourage high school students to pursue God’s call for their lives and to be servant-leaders. YiM helps students explore their special gifts, personality traits, vocational interests, and God’s special purpose for their lives. We encourage teens to think about calling more than career—whether as a pastor, church leader, physician, teacher, business leader, counselor, or musician.

Each year, YiM utilizes workshops, youth rallies and retreats, special events with churches, conventions, and our annual YiM Student Leadership Conference to reach students from around the United States.

The mission of Youth in Ministry is central to the mission of Milligan College. We are committed to helping students determine their vocational calling and prepare for lives of servant-leadership. The progressive nature of YiM—reaching and influencing teens to explore God’s call for their lives—while encouraging them to consider a Christian liberal arts college along with graduate seminary—is a positive influence for Milligan College among our students, boards, constituents, and overall fellowship of churches. YiM’s primary impact is evidenced by the average 50 percent matriculation rate of annual conference students to Milligan College.

P.O. Box 9 | Milligan College, TN 37682
Phone: 423-975-8021   |   Fax: 423-461-8954

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