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Welcome to your home away from home!

Living in community is one of the greatest experiences you will have. At some point during the semester you will stop and realize how special and surreal it is to literally do every aspect of life together with your peers. Your dorm room will be the center of this aspect of your experience. It is a special place made special by you! You have a lot of freedom to craft this part of your experience, along with your roommate of course. Below we have put together resources, suggestions, and tips to help jump start your creativity.

Packing & Decor


  • Command strips or sticky tack putty
    • Tacks, tape, and nails are not allowed, so planning ahead to bring décor and shelves that will hang with either command hooks, strips, or putty will save at least an hour of frustration on move-in day.
  • Plan to work with what is included
    • Since you won’t be able to take any of the provided furniture out of the room, do what you can to make it your own and fun! You could make seat covers and cushions for your desk chair, play around with height and lofting of your bed, buy or make a mini shelf for your desk, or a number of other things.
  • Power strip/ extension cord
  • Curtains for window (also helpful for closet if staying in Hart)
  • Floor, window, or desk fan. Hart hall is air conditioned
  • Trash can for room and bathroom
  • Hangers

Pretty much essentials:

  • Microwave (700-watt max), mini fridge (max cu.ft.), and coffee maker/tea pot
  • Posters, pictures from home, wall décor and anything else that feels like home
    • Pinterest it up or just take the sweetly sentimental items of home. Please keep appropriate since your room is still Milligan property.
  • Rug or carpet
    • You can buy a sheet of carpet that you cut to fit the dimensions of the room or buy a throw rug. Either way, this piece will make it feel more like home than anything else.
  • Shelving of pullout drawers for under your bed

Common Extras:

  • Couch/futon
  • Bean bag
  • Throw pillows
  • Floor lamp or hanging lights
  • TV
  • Small baskets or totes for shelves
  • White board/chalk board

The details:

  • Stuffed animal friends
  • Succulents or other dorm-friendly plants (don’t overwater)
  • Cereal, granola bars, and any other late-night snacks or quick breakfast items
  • Cork board
  • Throw blanket
  • Mugs!
  • Game console
  • Ping pong paddle
  • Stress relief (coloring books, painting supplies, legos, etc.)


  • Appliances with an open coil
  • Electronics that broadcast their own signal
  • Nails or screws
  • Multiple fridges
  • An office chair or other unnecessary furniture. It will only take up space
  • Shower Curtain (there are doors on the showers)


Dimensions & Floor Plan

Women’s Residence Halls

Men’s Residence Halls

Furnishings & MEASUREMENTS:

  • Student desk (35″ x 23″ x 30.5″) with 3 shelves and 1 drawer; chair
  • Standard twin bed
  • Built-in bookshelf
  • Built-in dresser
  • Windows:
    • HART: Room: 53″H x 41″W; Bathroom: 45″H x 32″W
    • SUTTON: Room: 60″H x 43.5″W; Bathroom: 42″H x 36″W
    • WEBB: Room: 55″H x 40″W; Bathroom: 43″H x 30″W
  • Closets contain organizers to optimally utilize space for you and your roommate
  • Two Ethernet Connections are available in each room.
1. Closets 2. Dresser 3. Shower Stall 4. Book Shelves 5. Bathroom

Room Setups



This setup provides the maximum amount of floor space. If you and your roommate would like to have a lot of space to move around or host people in your room, this setup would be a great option. The negative of this setup is both people need somewhat similar sleep schedules. Since one has to climb up above the other, a light sleeper might not want this setup. Also, people often use their bed for studying and hanging out as well as sleeping. With this setup, only one bed is really usable for anything other than sleeping.



This setup is great for having a large floor area with still a little bit more personal space. One of the more popular lofting options, the L setup puts one bunk above another perpendicularly. The L allows for one side of the room to be more of a living area and the other to be the sleeping area. If you plan on having a couch, a living area is a good idea. The benefit of this setup is the ability to put one desk under the lofted bed in addition to the other bed.



This is how your beds will be setup when you move in. Both beds will be set at regular heights on opposite sides of the room. This is the setup with the greatest amount of privacy. If you want to live with someone but still need your own space, this is the best choice. With this setup you are able to clearly define personal boundaries. Floor space will be more limited, but bed space is maximized. If you would like to have a couch, it still fits in the middle, it’s just hard to give it a designated area.


This setup provides a similar amount of personal space to the regular option but still opens up more of the floor to be utilized. You may lose some underbed storage, but you can then choose to either put a couch or shelf or desk underneath the lofted bed. Please note that you can only have one loft per room.

Room Assignments

New student room requests arrive throughout the school year and are handled on a first come, first serve basis. Upperclassmen have the choice of rooms for the next year, so no assignments are made for new students before the end of the preceding semester. If your request comes in early enough, you will be notified as to which residence hall you have been assigned by the first week in July. However, due to last minute changes in students’ plans, you may not be informed of your specific roommate until arriving on campus.

If you have requested to room with a certain student, every effort will be made to honor that request, and that request will take priority over residence hall choice. In other words, if you wish to live with an acquaintance and there are no double rooms available in the residence hall you prefer, we will place you both in another hall if there is a double room available there.


How to Pack: Guy’s Edition How to Pack: Girl’s Edition How to Live with a Roommate

Important Info


  • 1 student RA (Resident Assistant) per ~30 students
  • 1 adult RD (Resident Director) housed in each residence hall
  • “Open Halls” are the times when girls are allowed in guys rooms and guys in girls rooms. They are monitored by 2 Resident Assistants.
  • Residence halls are closed to the opposite sex during all other times
  • Lobbies are open everyday until 12 am. ( Fri. & Sat. – 1am)

Room Personalization Guidelines

The University will furnish each room/apartment with an appropriate number of single beds, mattresses, desks, dressers, chairs, and closets. Students must provide their own sheets, towels, and other furnishings. Do not bring a loft. All residence halls have beds that can be stacked into bunk beds if desired. (Pegs to secure the beds may be obtained from your RA.) Within certain guidelines, you are encouraged to make your room a comfortable living environment. You may bring plants, posters, chairs, small tables, etc.

Electrical Appliances

The electrical service in the rooms will allow for small appliances, such as hair dryers, electric razors, computers, stereos, TVs, and radios. Room air conditioners are not permitted without express permission from a physician and the Dean of Students. You are permitted to have a small dorm-sized refrigerator (max. 4 cu. ft.) and small microwave oven (700 watts maximum) in your room, with a limit of one each per room. No indoor grills, hot plates, toasters, or open coil heating units.

Electronic Devices

Any device that is broadcasting its own wireless signal (like some printers, TVs, or routers) is not allowed.


Residence halls are locked at all times except during open hall hours. Your room key will open the doors of your residence hall. Keys will be issued at the completion of check-in and must be returned at time of room check-out in the spring. Room keys may not be duplicated or given to other students.


Laundry facilities are located on the lower levels of Hart, Sutton, Webb, and Williams. All washers and dryers use special debit cards that may be purchased from the campus Bookstore. Value may be added to the cards at anytime using the Wash Card machine in Sutton and Webb lobbies. If a machine malfunctions, put an out-of-order sign on it and notify the Business Office of the machine location and nature of problem.


Residents may utilize the limited residence hall storage rooms during the academic year and summer on a space-available basis in designated areas only. Students placing items in storage at the University do so at their own risk. Non-university furniture may not be stored on campus. Furniture or carpets may not be stored on campus.


All residents are responsible for the cleanliness of their own room and bathroom. All trash must be taken out regularly and deposited in a University trash dumpster – never leave trash in the hall. Scheduled room inspections are held monthly by the Residence Hall Staff to ensure proper health and safety standards are being maintained throughout the residence halls. Unscheduled room inspections are held as directed by the Residence Life Staff. A minimum of one unannounced inspection will be held each semester.