Student Employment

Student employment offers a flexible schedule with the convenience of being on-campus. Students can earn money while gaining valuable professional experience.

Overview of Student Employment

All student jobs are posted in Handshake. New jobs are posted regularly, so check back often.

Hours vary based on a student’s work study award, schedule, and supervisor’s need. Work-study jobs are available in 5, 7.5, and 10-hours per week. Student hourly employees (not work study) can work up to 20 hours per week.

Hours to award amount
5 hours per week = $1,260 per academic year ($630 per semester)
7.5 hours per week = $1,890 per academic year ($945 per semester)
10 hours per week = $2,520 per academic year ($1,260 per semester)

Students are paid semi-monthly. See Payroll Schedules & Deadlines below for more information.

Step-by-Step Process
  1. Determine your work-study award/status. Any questions about your monetary award can be directed to Student Financial Services at 800.447.4880 or 423.461.8700.
  2. Login to Handshake and see what jobs are available. You will need to activate your account by clicking “Sign Up” on the Handshake website.
  3. Search jobs by selecting “Jobs” in the top left corner, then “All Filters.” Click “On-Campus” under “Job Type,” then click “Show Results.” Jobs are titled with the weekly hour amount in the title. (Please pay close attention to the hours for each job.)
  4. Apply for your top three choices.
  5. Once you submit your application, your information will be forwarded to the appropriate work-study supervisor.
  6. Once hired, you will receive an onboarding email from Rebecca Proffitt with more information.
Non-Work Study Employment

If you have not been awarded a work-study award but are interested in a job, check out Handshake. Other student employment opportunities are available with Pioneer College Caterers, Call Center or a variety of jobs at the seminary. You may also apply for a work-study job even though you have not been awarded. Follow the steps listed above in the step-by-step process.

Resume Assistance

Get your resume reviewed. Thirty-minute appointments are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and need to be scheduled one day in advance.


Student Employment Paperwork

After you have been hired for a job, you will receive an email from Rebecca Proffitt. This email will contain your employment contract and detailed instructions to come to the McCown Business Office to present specific identification documents in person. Due to federal regulations, these must be original documents. Copies, scans, pictures, or faxed copies will not be accepted. You can choose from the list of I-9 Acceptable Documents here: Form I-9 Acceptable Documents | USCIS. Please plan on having these documents when you come to campus.

After you have presented your identification in person, you will receive another email from Rebecca with a link to create an account in Greenshades, Milligan’s Human Resources online management software. 

In Greenshades, you will complete the following:

  • Profile
  • I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification Form).
  • W-4 (Federal Tax Form)
  • Direct Deposit (Please upload your proof of Direct Deposit. It can be a voided check, or any other document that verifies the full bank routing and account numbers.)
  • W2 and 1095-C Distribution Preferences
Payroll Schedules & Deadlines

Students are paid through direct deposit or pay can be directly applied to their Student Account. Students are paid the minimum rate of $9.00 per hour.

Pay Schedule & Timesheet Deadlines

Contact for Additional Questions

Contact Rebecca Proffitt with any questions about student employment.

Student Employment FAQs

Can work-study be applied to my Student Account?

Yes! Contact Deidre Greeley for more information.

Can I be fired from my position?

Yes. Student employment is a real job with real experience, deadlines, and consequences.

Can I put student employment on a resume?

Yes! It is a real job and can be included in your work history.

Can you take a picture of my identification to complete my I-9? I live several states away and I don't have it with me.

No. Federal regulations require us to examine the original document before you will be allowed to work.

Can I work as much as I want?

No. The amount you earn cannot exceed your total Work-Study award. Student employees (non-work-study) cannot work more than 20 hours per week while enrolled in class. During breaks from class, students can work up to 40 hours per week.

Will I get the full work-study amount on my financial aid offer?

You can earn up to the amount on your financial aid offer, but you will only be paid for the hours you work. This is like any other job; you don’t get paid unless you work.

Will my job off campus prevent me from having a work-study job on campus?

No. You may work a job off campus and have a work-study position on campus.

Do I have to pay the money back if I don't work enough to earn all the work-study award?

If you have decided for your pay to go toward your student account balance, you must still pay the remaining balance. If you are being paid via direct deposit, you would not have to pay back the amount that was not earned.

I'm an international student. Can I work on campus?

Yes, but to be eligible to work, you must apply for a Social Security number if you do not already have one. This is a free process, but there are some forms you will need to receive from Rebecca Proffitt. Please contact her for more information.

Rebecca Proffitt
Payroll and Student Employment Coordinator