Creating effective posters

Where and How to Print Your Poster

  • Cloth Posters
    The idea of a cloth poster may seem odd, but they have the same visual quality of foam or paper posters but without the glare. They are much better if you are traveling to a conference because they fold up nicely. They can be tacked up easily to bulletin boards or they can be mounted on foam boards with tape, glue or staples for use with an easel. Milligan’s preferred vendor for this type of poster is Hampton Textile Printing. They can mount the poster for you on a foam board for an additional $7 or the Office of Undergraduate Research can supply you with a foam board if you would like to mount it yourself. If you plan to travel with the poster you might not want to have it mounted until you arrive at the conference.

  • Foam or Large-Format Paper Poster
    Milligan has a verbal agreement with Fast Signs of Johnson City to print foam posters 40 X 30 in size for $50. Most of the major copier vendors (e.g., Kinkos) can print large-scale poster but the cost can be upwards of $100. If you expect the Office of Undergraduate Research to pay for your poster, you should get pre-approval before ordering either of these types of posters.

Help with Data Analysis

Need to Survey People?

Contact the Office of Undergraduate Research for information about using Qualtrics – an online surveying tool.