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Dr. Kirk English

Kirk English
Associate Professor of Exercise Science

Steve Lacy Fieldhouse
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Dr. Kirk L. English is an associate professor in the Area of Exercise Science at Milligan University. Prior to that, he was an assistant professor at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, and a senior scientist at NASA-Johnson Space Center where he continues to collaborate and consult. Broadly, his research evaluates nutritional and exercise interventions to protect and enhance skeletal muscle metabolism, mass, strength, function, and performance. He has applied this focus to individuals with chronic disease, aging adults, competitive athletes, and astronauts.

English has also pioneered and advocated the evidence-based practice approach for the field of exercise science; he co-authored a textbook and has developed and taught an undergraduate course on this topic. He trains endurance athletes and is a regular reviewer for numerous biomedical, exercise science, and spaceflight-related scientific journals.