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MSOT Early Acceptance Plan

Current Milligan undergraduate students may be eligible for the Early Acceptance Plan (EAP). You may apply as early as your Junior year.

  • Locks in tuition rate for the year you apply/are accepted
  • Take 1 course in your senior year if you apply as a junior (lighten your load during grad school)
  • Any major eligible (prerequisites are required, suggested majors increase chance of acceptance)

Requirements & Process

  • Be finishing your bachelor’s degree at Milligan University.
  • Complete the prerequisite requirements for admission
  • Bachelor’s degrees can be in a variety of academic areas, some of which include exercise science, human relations, development, sociology, biology, and psychology
  • Complete the EAP process described below (EAP students do NOT have to complete the application in OTCAS, also a cost savings)
  • Complete and document a minimum of 40 hours observing occupational therapists in a variety of clinical settings
  • We recognize that some applicants may not be able to attain all the required observation hours due to COVID-19 restrictions at clinical sites. If you do not have an adequate number of hours (minimum 40 hours in at least two different clinical sites), you will need to submit a statement that addresses the following:
    • Why you were unable to complete the observation hours
    • Your original plan to complete observation hours
    • How you have researched and educated yourself about the profession of OT
      ‌Applicants may complete up to 12 virtual observation hoursClick here to access the Occupational Therapy Online Shadowing Experience (Password: LucasQU). Applicant must submit documentation of online shadowing experience (completion of related assignment/s) to the MSOT Office.

What We Look For

  • GPA of at least a 3.0 or higher (average accepted is 3.6); transfer students must have a 3.3 GPA (unless you have a completed semester from Milligan)
  • Good diversity in observation hours and more than 40 is a plus (average accepted is 100)
  • Good letters of reference

How to Apply

  1. By Oct 1 (juniors and seniors), complete and submit the EAP application»
  2. Request transcripts from all colleges attended (including Milligan)
  3. Submit 2 references using one of the following forms:
  4. Complete and submit observation hours form by mailing the form or submitting with your EAP application
  5. Submit a page listing your professional and personal honors with your EAP application


Contact Stacy Shankle to learn more about Milligan OT and the EAP program.

Stacy Shankle
Admissions Recruiter for Healthcare Programs