Willams Hall Outside

Kegley, Quillen, Williams & MSA Housing Application

2024-25 yearly cost, including the meal plan for KQW: $9,500.

2024-25 yearly cost, including the 75-swipe meal plan for MSA: $6,350.

2024-25 yearly cost, including the full meal plan for MSA is available upon request.

All suites contain four single rooms with the exception of two suites in each building which have two single rooms and one double room. The students living in the KQW double room will be charged a reduced rate. These suites will be assigned to the groups in each building with the lowest seniority unless requested by another group.

MSA Apartments are furnished with a full kitchen, including a stove, oven and full refrigerator.

The common area in these suites are not furnished.

All university rules and expectations remain in effect for those students choosing KQW & MSA. Any prior violations, social or academic, will be taken into consideration. Applicants must not have received a school instituted suspension for any reason in the last 12 months. All applicants are expected to live in KQW or MSA both semesters. If a suitemate leaves for any reason, it is the remaining suitemates’ responsibility to find a replacement roommate by the deadline given by the Student Development Office. Any replacement suitemates will require approval from the Dean of Students. If a replacement is not found by the given deadline, a replacement roommate may be assigned, or the entire suite may be relocated.

Any social or academic violation may be cause for immediate removal from upperclassmen housing.

You may only apply with one suite. If you apply with more than one suite, both applications will be voided. All applicants must be at sophomore status (at least 26 credit hours) at the end of the Spring 2024 semester.

  • Please select your preference. Please note that you are not guaranteed to receive your selected preference but that this is taken into consideration when making final housing assignments.
  • Please include the first and last names of the three individuals with whom you are applying. Applicants with less than three names will be asked to resubmit.
    Student 1Student 2Student 3
  • If you are placed in a suite with a double room, please indicate which two members of the suite will share that room.
    Student 1Student 2
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY