Hart Hall

Hart Hall is the largest women’s residence hall on campus, Hart Hall is a vibrant community of young women seeking to learn and grow together.

Building Highlights

  • WiFi
  • Cable
  • Heat/Air Conditioning
  • Study Rooms
  • Student Lounge
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Furnished (Desk & Bed)


Hart Hall Layout

Like all rooms at Milligan, Hart rooms are suite-style with private bathrooms shared by no more than four people. Each room is furnished with an appropriate number of standard single beds, mattresses, desks, vanity with drawers, chairs, and closets. All beds can be stacked into bunk beds if desired. You are encouraged to make your room a comfortable living environment. Bring plants, posters, chairs, tables, lamps, shelves, game systems, TVs, and more!


All residence halls at Milligan are single-gender. There are a variety of open hours throughout the week but dorms are closed to the opposite sex at all other times.


The Hart Residence Hall staff maintains and promotes all areas of student development within the residence halls. Each Residence Hall has a Resident Director (RD) and Resident Assistants (RA) on staff to help residents with academic, housing, and personal problems, and to provide leadership, supervision, and programming for students.

What to Bring on Move-in Day!


  • Command strips or sticky tack putty
    • Tacks, tape, and nails are not allowed, so planning ahead to bring décor and shelves that will hang with either command hooks, strips, or putty will save at least an hour of frustration on move-in day.
  • Plan to work with what is included
    • Since you won’t be able to take any of the provided furniture out of the room, do what you can to make it your own and fun! You could make seat covers and cushions for your desk chair, play around with height and lofting of your bed, buy or make a mini shelf for your desk, or a number of other things.
  • Power strip/ extension cord
  • Curtains for window (also helpful for closet if staying in Hart)
  • Floor, window, or desk fan. Hart hall is air conditioned
  • Trash can for room and bathroom
  • Hangers


  • Microwave (700-watt max), mini fridge (max 4.3 cu.ft.), and coffee maker/tea pot
  • Posters, pictures from home, wall décor and anything else that feels like home
    • Pinterest it up or just take the sweetly sentimental items of home. Please keep appropriate since your room is still Milligan property.
  • Rug or carpet
    • You can buy a sheet of carpet that you cut to fit the dimensions of the room or buy a throw rug. Either way, this piece will make it feel more like home than anything else.
  • Shelving of pullout drawers for under your bed


  • Couch/futon
  • Bean bag
  • Throw pillows
  • Floor lamp or hanging lights
  • TV
  • Small baskets or totes for shelves
  • White board/chalk board


  • Stuffed animal friends
  • Succulents or other dorm-friendly plants (don’t overwater)
  • Cereal, granola bars, and any other late-night snacks or quick breakfast items
  • Cork board
  • Throw blanket
  • Mugs!
  • Game console
  • Ping pong paddle
  • Stress relief (coloring books, painting supplies, legos, etc.)


  • Appliances with an open coil
  • Electronics that broadcast their own signal
  • Nails or screws
  • Multiple fridges
  • An office chair or other unnecessary furniture. It will only take up space
  • Shower Curtain (there are doors on the showers)

Meet the Hart Staff

Hart Hall Resident Director