• By filling out this form and checking "I Agree" below, I agree to the following requirements for the security of the keys issued to me:
    • Keys must not be duplicated or altered for any reason.
    • Lost or stolen keys must be immediately reported to the Access Control Manager.  (Jack Presnell, 423.461.8733,  jpresnell@milligan.edu)
    • Keys must not to be loaned out to other employees, students, or visitors.
    • In the event that the assigned key is not returned upon request by the Access Control Manager, I  may be charged for the replacement of new lock(s) and key(s) for the affected areas.
    • Keys must be  returned to the Housing Directors at the end of school each semester.  Failure to return all keys will result in a $20.00  per key late fee and a $100.00 charge per key for lost keys.  ($250 - $500 per key for sub master or master  key)
    • Failure to return keys prior to leaving Milligan may result in the holding of your diploma and/or transcripts.
    • I understand and agree that violation of this agreement will result in my potential discharge from Milligan University, late or lost key fees, and holding of my diploma and/or transcripts.
    Please note that by checking this box you are stating that you have read and agree to the terms given above.