As our vision statement proclaims, Milligan is a place where Jesus Christ is exalted. We believe God has a unique plan for each of our lives — for our hearts as well as our minds. Together we can form a new generation of Christian leaders who are intellectually and spiritually prepared to change lives and shape culture.

Milligan University is a Christian liberal arts university that encourages our students to be thinking and acting Christians. Part of the educational process is to provide students with a working knowledge of diverse subjects and viewpoints and to encourage students to think through these issues from a Christian worldview. This does not mean that Milligan University endorses all viewpoints presented but believes the presentations and resulting dialogues are important to the educational process of developing Christian servant-leaders.

Spiritual Formation Program

While at Milligan, all full-time students are expected to participate in the Spiritual Formation Program (SFP) that helps nurture the Christian spirit, character, and worldview. Opportunities for spiritual development include chapel and convocation services, mission trips, community service, devotional breakfasts, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes events. And you’ll have plenty of opportunities to lead or participate in worship services, prayer groups, retreats, and Bible studies.

Campus Ministry


The Christian faith is truly about serving others, and Milligan encourages students to put their faith in action by participating in mission and service projects in our own backyard and around the world. It’s important to reach out and become more aware of your culture and the world in which you will minister and work.

Small Groups

Milligan University also seeks to foster faith development through small groups. Students are encouraged to participate in various kinds of small groups. Some small group experiences may include: Bible studies, accountability partners, prayer groups, men’s/women’s studies, couples groups, discipleship groups, as well as small groups offered by local churches. The Campus Ministry Team is responsible for initiating many small groups on campus. A student seeking more information concerning placement or types of groups available should speak to a member of this team or the Campus Minister.


Sunday evenings are set aside for Vespers, an informal, student-led time of worship, teaching, and fellowship. Open to the entire student body, Vespers is a vital part of spiritual life at Milligan University. Vespers happens Sundays at 8:30 pm in Seeger Memorial Chapel’s Walker Auditorium.