Saturday, September 6, 2014

Gregory Center, Milligan University

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8:30 am Registration
9 am Welcome
9:30 am Electives & Ask a Coach, Session 1
10:45 am Main Session with Josh Griffin

Disciple Makers: a path of transformation

What would happen if your primary attention was focused on discipleship rather than events and activities with youth? Let’s examine an intentional path that shapes souls and encourages deeper disciples through sacred shared experiences.

11:30 am Lunch in Milligan Café(lunch included in registration fee)
12:45 pm Electives & Ask a Coach, Session 1
2:00 pm Main session with Josh Griffin

Disciple Makers: practicing faith together

All great artists and athletes become great because of time spent developing their skill. It’s all about the process of practice. Let’s examine Christian practices of the faith community that shape, identify, and transform adult leaders and students together as the Body of Christ.

2:45 pm Closing comments

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