New logo for Milligan University

New Name. Same Mission. More Impact.

Milligan has unveiled a new visual identity for the university and its athletic programs, to be implemented June 1, 2020, as the institution becomes Milligan University.

The logos were developed by the Milligan Marketing & PR Office based on review of institutional branding research and feedback from various constituents, including faculty, staff, students, and alumni. The goal was to honor and represent our heritage and mission, and point the university to its vital role in the future of our world.

While many things have changed since our founding in 1866, Milligan has remained rich in purpose and dedicated to molding mind and spirit within the Christian liberal arts tradition. The new logos will help Milligan continue to tell this story.

Institutional Logo

 ♦ Image NOT to be used until June 1, 2020 ♦

The new design builds off the Milligan wordmark that the institution has long-utilized, signifying the longevity of the Milligan brand.

In the new shield, an M and U connect to form a book, representing both academic learning and the Bible, the source of all truth and central to the institution’s mission. The shield, or chevron, which is often used in academic regalia, represents both strength and length of service, certainly fitting for an institution established in 1866. The MU shield also unites all areas of campus, both academically and athletically.

Athletic Logo

♦ Image NOT to be used until June 1, 2020 ♦

The athletic wordmark transitioned to a bold font that signifies both strength and momentum, as the Buffaloes continue their advancement as national contenders. Brutus, the university’s beloved mascot, remains a favorite logo and will continue to be used in marketing materials.

School & Program Examples

 ♦ Images NOT to be used until June 1, 2020 ♦




The units of the institution, such as Schools and programs, will be provided a corresponding logo on June 1.

Usage & Requests

The official logos and style guide will be available for use on June 1 at

More activities to introduce the new logos are planned as students arrive on campus in August and with alumni throughout the year.