Study Abroad & Off-Campus Programs

You can learn about the world in the classroom and then explore the world in person through the many off-campus study opportunities available at Milligan. From summer experiences to semester-long studies, our off-campus options span six continents and countless cultures.

We educate men and women to be leaders in a global economy and to have a solid grasp of international issues, including cultural, social, economic, and political differences.

If you choose to take the Humanities European Tour, your classrooms are cathedrals, castles, and historic markers of Western civilization that you will study with Milligan faculty as your guide.

Other programs allow you to experience the depth of culture in Russia, the Middle East, Latin America, or China. You can get a front row seat to the music industry in Nashville or take cues from filmmaking experts in Los Angeles. Develop a global perspective at the International Business Institute in Europe or cultivate your journalism skills on Capitol Hill.


Fall and Spring Semester Formally-Linked Programs

Disney College Program

The Disney College Program at the Walt Disney World Resort is a paid living, learning, and earning experience for students from all majors and backgrounds. The Disney College Program curriculum offers eight courses in the areas of organizational leadership, human resource management, hospitality management, corporate communication, experiential learning, corporate analysis and personal and career development courses. The paid internship experience develops skills in problem solving, effective communication, teamwork, leadership, and cultural sensitivity. Students will have the chance to make professional connections with leaders from a variety of disciplines through various networking events and opportunities. Participation in the college Program qualifies students to apply for Disney’s Professional Internships. Application to the program is not limited as in the study abroad program. Students are eligible one semester beyond graduation. Students can earn 12 semester hours of credit.

New York City Semester in Journalism


Milligan College is a partner institution with the New York City Semester in Journalism (NYCJ), a 15-credit-hour program offered through the Phillips Journalism Institute at The King’s College in New York City. With courses in journalism and liberal arts, mentoring, lectures, and readings, students will consider their calling as Christians explore the possibilities of working in mainstream media, and sharpen their reporting, writing, and multimedia skills. An NYCJ internship provides hands-on experience in the media capital of the world. Students from any academic discipline may apply, and NYCJ credits can be integrated into a student’s academic plan.

Programs Associated with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities

The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), an association of 105 campuses in the United States and Canada, offers the following semester and summer programs to students of its member institutions. The programs offer a unique opportunity for students to make the world their classroom, going beyond the confines of the traditional classroom. These interdisciplinary learning opportunities are available to second-semester sophomores, juniors and seniors. For further information, contact the Director of Scholarships.

American Studies Program (ASP)
The American Studies Program (ASP) is Washington, D.C. connects you and your faith to the institutions and leaders who are impacting issues in public policy and global development. You are independent, but not alone. Future politician or not, you will nurture the leader within during your experience in ASP.  Students earn up to 16 semester hours of credit.

Australia Studies Centre (ASC)
The Australia Studies Centre is moving to the diverse city of Brisbane and will be partnering with Christian Heritage College beginning in 2014. With its near-perfect climate and population of 1.8 million, Brisbane is a flourishing river city with modern districts, hip cafes and a thriving arts scene. Adventure ready; prepare to explore sites like the Moreton Bay Island, the Scenic Rim and Fraser Island. Together, ASC and CHC offer a range of challenging and engaging programs. Course curriculum is centered on a foundation of faith while exploring the connections of local as well as national tradition and culture.

At ASC, you’ll come face-to-face with some of God’s most impressive creations. But perhaps the most inspiring of your encounters will also be the most subtle. Because new discoveries at ASC come in all shapes and sizes. Unexpected friendships, newfound passions and unbelievable sights will all make your experience in Australia a world away from ordinary. Students earn 16 semester hours of credit.

China Studies Program (CSP)
Located in sub-tropical Southeastern China, Xiamen University is surrounded by a modern progressive city and the South China Sea. Here elegant buildings glean from the ancient beauty of Chinese temples, and lush landscapes provide the setting as you study after class. Generosity and obligation, sweet and sour, activity and passivity are all opposites that complement each other and exemplify a Chinese life lived in dynamic balance. Experience Chinese culture firsthand and learn about its historical, religious, geographic and economic positions. In addition to studying the local language, you might teach English to Chinese students or you might put your one-on-one talents to work in an orphanage. CSP immerses you in an increasingly important part of the world in an informed, Christ-Centered way. New languages, new rules, new values; it can all amount to an exciting kind of culture shock. But within CSP, there is a strong focus on community between students. Here you’ll connect with your CSP peers through Bible study, worship and valuable dialogue. Travel the country of China together, eat unheard-of foods together, and learn a very foreign language together. Discover how to live as a believer in the amazingly diverse land of China. Students earn up to 18 semester hours of credit.

Contemporary Music Center (CMC)
The Contemporary Music Center (CMC) offers you a front-row ticket to the music industry. Learn all of Nashville’s ins and outs as you visit a publishing house, a moderns recording studio and sound stage. Meet with a working songwriter, producer, engineer, and music arranger to get a taste of the working life in this musical metropolis.

Put it all together at the Hardscuffle Building, where world-class equipment waits for your God-given talents. CMC has been adapting to the every-changing world of music since its inception in 2001. Your entry into the Nashville music scene begins with morning classes; then you’re off composing, performing, mixing and promoting until you put your inspired soul to sleep. After weeks of solid creativity, you’re out on tour, living the experience and savoring every note. Your time at CMC is never dull and is filled with activity from dawn til dusk. Here, you’re surrounded by peers who share your endless love for music and do nothing but nourish that love for 14 weeks straight. Together, you share access to the best gear, giving you every opportunity to make the best music possible. You also have access to experienced, caring faculty who share a passion for music and the industry it’s a part of, just like you. You’ll earn the most fun, demanding, emotionally satisfying credits of your whole college experience. No matter your focus, whether you’re a hopeful singer, daring songwriter, clever producer, or master of editing, making music your lifelong career starts here at CMC. Students earn 16 semester hours of credit.

India Studies Program (ISP)
The India Studies Program (ISP), in partnership with the Bishop Appasamy College of Arts and Sciences (BACAS), brings you to one of India’s most fascinating cities: Coimbatore. Home to over 2 million people, it’s a bustling metropolis of business, culture and Indian tradition. On your first night you’ll dine on dosa (Indian crepes) and discuss what you’re looking forward to most in the next 14 life-changing weeks. Why ISP? ISP takes you through two core courses that provide a breadth of knowledge about India’s culture, society and challenges, as well as her vast religious landscape. Meanwhile, you will build upon this knowledge as you participate in three elective courses, each taught by a BACAS faculty. As you develop a deeper understanding of this diverse nation, your own worldview will be refined. The wide range of life that exists throughout India must truly be seen to be believed. You will grapple with new cultural awareness in your daily living and during local community projects. Before you know it, you’ve transformed from a visiting student to an invested student – one whose passion for India is tied seamlessly to what is happening within the country. Go from theory and ideas to putting your faith into practice at ISP. Students earn 16 hours of credit.

Latin American Studies Program (LASP)
Arriving in Costa Rica, you sense there’s a bigger picture than just the scenery. You are about to be immersed into the diversity of Latin America’s history. You’ll step into a contemporary society rooted in tradition with people who are sincere and accepting. Live in San Jose.  Journey to Nicaragua for a week and a half. Walk the vibrant roads of Limon and Puerto Viejo. Travel not as a tourist, but as an ambassador to this complex culture. Why LASP? Your LASP courses allow you to think critically about your Latin American experience by connecting your surroundings with your classroom discussions. It’s the place where you sip coffee and develop relationships through a common language. It’s the local restaurant owner who welcomes you and teaches you about real international business. And it’s your homestays expanding your view of your cultural differences as well as similarities. During LASP, you’ll encounter new voices of praise, different approaches to international affairs and steadfast social virtue. As you live with different host families, allow day-to-day realities of Latin American life to permeate your perspectives. Interact in Spanish with politicians, forward-thinking business owners, rural farmer, and church leaders. Then develop your own voice, one that will serve you in your vocation, ongoing education and spiritual growth. Students earn up to 18 semester hours of credit.

Los Angeles Film Studies Center (LAFSC)
The Los Angeles Film Studies Center exists to provide a space for people who are passionately driven to create stories. We train students in the craft of expressing their authentic voice while walking out their faith journey. What does it look like to make films that are as focused on method as message? How do you tell stories that ring true without robbing your audience of their right to come to their own conclusions? How can you truly be yourself and tell your story in the midst of Christian community? We could tell you. But come to the LAFSC and let us show you. We don’t just talk about the film industry at The Los Angeles Film Studies Center. We immerse you in it with us. We introduce you to like-minded people living and working in the business, including many who have come through our program before you. We provide equipment, knowledge and opportunities to make your mark in this culture. Wherever you are in your journey of faith and film, we want to help you arrive at that next step. To quote one of our favorite teachers, we have come here to prepare a place for you that where we are, you might be also. Students earn 16 semester hours.

Middle East Studies Program (MESP)
Immerse yourself in 6000 years of abounding history. Journey to the ancient sites of Mount Sinai, the Old City of Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee, and the neighboring countries of Israel. Share stories with Israeli and Palestinian youth; bargain in Jaffa or in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. Watch this Holy Land take human shape as you serve the people who call it home – and learn to call it home yourself. At the heart of the Middle East Studies Program (MESP) is the experience of forging authentic relationships. MESP will baffle your preconceptions as you engage in the contemporary religion, culture, and politics of the Middle East. You’ll examine the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from a non-partisan perspective, live with a local family as part of your week-long homestay, and connect with a range of speakers on the topics most precious to the region. This is learning by immersion. The complex interplay of regional faiths will compel you to dive deeper into your own beliefs. MESP invites you to walk closer with Christ and the culture of the Middle East in morning devotionals, local churches, and student-led worship. Share a lesson; sing a son; read scripture and pray as your deepening faith takes shape in the very place it began. Students earn 16 semester hours of credit.

The Scholars’ Semester in Oxford (SSO)
SSO is not for the faint of heart. Designed specifically for students seeking an academically rigorous and robust experience like no other, even the brightest minds will be molded, shaped and stretched at SSO. It happens during your tutorials. Here, you and an accomplished Oxford scholar go head-to-head on a topic chosen from 230 subjects relating to history, literature, languages, philosophy or science. And when the semester is all said, done, debated and graded, you’ll return home with a community of alumni that continually reconnect over the bond that SSO so passionately unites. Students earn 17 semester hours of credit.

Uganda Studies Program (USP)
 Chat with classmates on campus at Uganda Christian University (UCU) as you munch on a “rolex” (a local snack of eggs and Chapati). Just 15 miles from the capital city of Kampala, Mukono offers USP students the opportunity to participate in Ugandan culture. All students take part in homestay experiences, which are described as unforgettable. Along with trips throughout Uganda, venture on an eye-opening 10-day excursion to Rwanda. Your most important Ugandan lesson will be in relationships. At home, at school, and within the university, these relationships encourage deeper thought about your own cultural identity. UCU has over 6,000 students and Uganda’s renowned hospitality will help you form deep connections within the local community. Building upon the course Faith & Action, you’ll begin to place these diverse connections into context. USP offers a wide range of options and flexibility to ensure that students get the most out of their experience. Applicants to USP may apply to live either on-campus or with a host family for the semester. USP also offers a Social Work Emphasis (SWE) which includes a junior or senior level practicum experience. All options encourage students to participate in Ugandan life and explore the intricacy of cross-cultural relationships. In classes, on practicum sites and in homestay opportunities, you’ll learn from Ugandans about life lived in East Africa. Students earn up to 16 semester hours of credit.

Summer Off-Campus Programs

Summer programs may not be eligible for financial aid depending upon the student’s circumstances.

Humanities European Study Tour

Milligan students may earn four hours of humanities credit by participating in a one-hour preparation course offered in the spring semester and a multi-week tour of Europe offered each summer. One or more of Milligan’s humanities professors will lead the tour, which visits several European countries. Visits are made to sites of both historical and cultural significance. In addition to travel, students attend lectures and discussions, complete writing assignments, and fulfill other responsibilities outlined by the tour professor. The preparation (HUMN 200P) and tour (HUMN 200T) may be taken in place of HUMN 202. Prerequisites include HUMN 101 and HUMN 102.

Oxford Summer Programme (OSP)

The Oxford Summer Programme (OSP) is a program of the CCCU and Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. The program is designed for students wishing to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the relationship between Christianity and the development of the West and who wish to do specialized work under expert Oxford academics in the areas of history, religious studies, political theory, philosophy, English, and history of science. The Programme is structured for rising college sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduate and seminary students, non-traditional students, teachers, and those enrolled in continuing-education programs.

International Business Institute (IBI)

Students pursuing a major in business administration may select a concentration in international business by participating in a ten-week academic program abroad through Milligan’s affiliation with the International Business Institute (endorsed by the CCCU). Completion of this concentration requires the student to attend the Institute during a summer session following completion of the required core courses at Milligan College. A student’s course of study can often be designed so that graduation is possible following seven semesters of study at Milligan College in addition to the summer Institute. Students pursuing the international business concentration are strongly encouraged to demonstrate competency in a foreign language through, at least, the intermediate level. Participation in the IBI includes the following required courses:

  • BADM 339 Global Marketing (3 hrs)
  • BADM 390 Global Business Management and Strategy (3 hrs)
  • ECON 331 Comparative Economic Systems (3 hrs)
  • ECON 350 International Trade and Finance (3 hrs