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Fide et Amore awarded to Alice Anthony

MILLIGAN COLLEGE, Tenn. (May 11, 2019) — Milligan College presented its Fide et Amore award to Alice Anthony for her loving and faithful service to the college.

The Fide et Amore award, Milligan’s highest acknowledgement of service, was announced and presented at Milligan’s commencement ceremonies held Saturday, May 11, in the Mary B. Martin Auditorium located in the college’s Seeger Chapel. During the ceremonies, Milligan also awarded over 220 degrees.

Anthony has served as professor of art and communications for 28 years. In the fall of 1992, Anthony was instrumental in the creation of the fine arts core curriculum for photography majors. She has served as a new-student mentor since the program’s inception and has remained an active member of the Milligan Arts Council.

Anthony holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Memphis and a master’s degree in the fine arts from East Tennessee State University. She has been a featured photographer in numerous photographic exhibitions, publications and art collections through­out the United States. Her most notable works include “Graceland,” a photo series, and “Migrant Workers of Unicoi County.” 

C. Richard Major, professor of theatre, and Dr. Carrie Swanay, professor of communications, wrote the citation for Anthony.

“When Alice first came to Milligan in the fall of 1991, she quickly proved to be an effective and passionate teacher. Students literally flocked to her classes,” said Major. “She also was instrumental in the creation of the fine arts core curriculum. Fashioning itself after Milligan’s humanities program, it was immediately recognized that students completing the fine arts degree had a broader knowledge and appreciation for all of the fine arts.”

Acknowledged as a beloved professor, devoted colleague and champion of the fine arts at Milligan, Anthony retired this spring.

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