Milligan, Bartleby Partnership creates innovative postsecondary pathways

MILLIGAN COLLEGE, Tenn. (Oct. 5, 2018) – Today, Elizabethton High School and Milligan College announced an important partnership that creates new postsecondary pathways for Elizabethton High School’s Bartleby students. Milligan President Dr. Bill Greer and Elizabethton City Schools Director Dr. Corey Gardenhour signed the agreement, which will provide qualifying Bartleby students college admissions waivers, scholarships and access to dual enrollment courses.

“Bartleby provides an innovative approach to learning and is a good fit with Milligan’s strong Christian liberal arts curriculum,” said Greer. “We are excited to partner with Elizabethton High School to provide additional opportunities for Bartleby students and faculty.”

This partnership is part of a broader effort not only to increase access to higher education, but also to increase the number of students graduating from college. It works to prepare students for the expectations of college and career through a new senior capstone course and new dual enrollment opportunities with cost assistance. Students will be invited to Milligan’s campus annually to meet with the president and administration and to receive a campus tour.

“We are very proud and excited to be working in such close partnership with Milligan College,” said Bartleby Director Terry Smith. “Milligan is an outstanding educational institution, whose core values, like servant leadership, align perfectly with Bartleby values. We both believe deeply in the greatness of our Elizabethton community, and together, we are creating pathways for our students to attain their highest possible level of achievement, both during their high school careers and after they have graduated.”

To apply for admissions waivers and scholarships, students are required to submit a portfolio of their work on community and entrepreneurial projects. This is part of Bartleby’s mission to evaluate the student beyond the letter grade and to give students an opportunity to learn through inquiry-driven, purposeful projects. In addition to portfolios, students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and 21 ACT to be eligible for scholarships.

As part of the partnership, Elizabethton High School teachers will be invited to share Bartleby teaching methods with Milligan students on professional development days. This creates a new pipeline for Milligan student teachers to be involved with Bartleby.

Bartleby is a model for public education that is project-based, passion-driven, community-focused and interdisciplinary. It was designed to give students an active voice and role in their education and to empower teachers to create an authentic and relevant learning experience. It is one of 18 XQ Super Schools in the nation, working together to rethink high school and create a truly innovative, authentic educational experience.

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