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Art professor presents exhibit in Portland, OR

"Pale Pink Sky and Hills" by Nick Blosser

MILLIGAN COLLEGE, Tenn. (October 4, 2017)—Milligan College’s Assistant Professor of Art Nick Blosser will present a solo art exhibition, “Exteriors,” at the PDX Contemporary Art Gallery in Portland, Oregon, Oct. 4-28.

His exhibition will feature 27 paintings made up of egg tempera and water color. The paintings are of locations in the Johnson City, Tennessee, area, as well as Ohio and Washington State.

“When I set out to start a painting, I simply prefer to step out of the world of ‘interiors’ and go tramping around in the ‘exterior,’ maybe stopping at something I have looked at many times but perhaps this time in a new way,” said Blosser. “Nature strikes me as less contained in time, less connected to all the things I sometimes yearn to have temporary escape from, like cultural trends, technology, politics, daily news, etc.”

Blosser holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts from Ohio State University. He teaches art studio and art history courses at Milligan and also oversees most of the activities associated with the Milligan Art Gallery. Prior to joining the Milligan’s faculty, Blosser taught at Mount Vernon Nazarene College and later lived and worked as an artist in Washington State. His work is in numerous private collections in the United States and in the Portland Art Museum.

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