Statement about Emmanuel Christian Seminary

MILLIGAN COLLEGE, TN (Oct. 26, 2012) —The Milligan College Board of Trustees approved Milligan President Dr. Bill Greer continuing the process of due diligence toward the possible integration of Emmanuel Christian Seminary into Milligan College.

The two institutions have always operated independently but have a strong shared history, since Emmanuel was founded in 1965 using shared space on the Milligan campus and under the leadership of then-president Dr. Dean E. Walker. Both institutions are part of the Stone-Campbell Movement and have a similar mission of preparing men and women for ministry and servant-leadership.

Financial and economic conditions have been difficult for Emmanuel in recent years, which led Emmanuel’s board and president in Summer 2012 to begin discussions with Milligan about some sort of operating relationship. Since then, both institutions have been in a period of due diligence to explore the options and determine if such a relationship would be in the best interest of both parties.

Since the discussions between Milligan and Emmanuel began, Emmanuel has been blessed with a significant gift from a donor who has designated these funds to go toward relieving their debt.  Both institutions are grateful for God’s provision through this donor.

No definitive decisions or agreements have been reached. Milligan is in a period of due diligence in order to fully investigate the financial, academic, administrative, and logistical details of such an arrangement. There are many details and decisions still to be explored prior to any agreement being reached regarding the integration of Emmanuel into Milligan.

Students and others can be reassured that it is the desire of both institutions to perpetuate quality academic degrees in Bible and ministry. It is the hope that the result of this process will be to integrate Emmanuel into Milligan College in a way that strengthens and continues that mission.

We ask that you pray for the leadership of both institutions as they continue their discussions.  Likewise, we express our gratitude to those who have so generously supported the important missions of Emmanuel and Milligan and thank you in advance for continuing to do so.

Updated November, 14 2012

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