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Agreement allows for ease of transfer from Northeast State to Milligan

By Rex Barber

Johnson City Press


MILLIGAN COLLEGE — It should now be a little easier for some associate’s degree holders in the region to get a bachelor’s degree.

On Friday, ‍Milligan College and Northeast State Community College updated their agreement allowing students to transfer from Northeast with an associate’s degree to ‍Milligan for a bachelor’s degree, provided the students have met specified educational requirements. The schools signed three agreements that ‍MilliganPresident Don Jeanes said would reduce costs to students and eliminate redundancy with coursework.

“These (agreements) are designed to help students who come to ‍Milligan from Northeast to have what we call a seamless transition, so that they’re not having to do a lot of make up and repeat,” Jeanes said. “So it’s an important time.”

‍Milligan first partnered with Northeast in the 1990s, revising that agreement in 2005 to help   address the nursing shortage in the region. Another agreement between the two institutions was signed in 2008 to give Northeast students a path for pursuing ‍Milligan‍’‍s master’s program in occupational therapy.

The agreement signed Friday helps advise students by listing requirements for specific degree tracks. Those tracks include majors in accounting, applied finance and accounting, business administration and computer information systems.

“One of the things that we’re doing I think is beneficial are the advisory tracks,” Jeanes said. “So if someone says ‘I want to go into nursing,’ not only do they know what our general education requirements are and they can work on those (at Northeast), at the same time they can see what they need to take when they’re here.”

Northeast President Janice Gilliam said the agreement continues a beneficial partnership with ‍Milligan and continues   Northeast’s mission to provide its students with opportunities.

“We’re all about providing opportunities for our students and giving them more choices,” Gilliam said.

For more information about the transfer agreement programs, students should contact their Northeast advisor or the ‍Milligan College admissions office at 461-8730.

Posted by on November 17, 2009.