Milligan theater “rocks the vote”

MILLIGAN COLLEGE, TN (October 22, 2008) – Milligan College’s theater department has captured national attention for their original production, “Kidz Rock the Vote!” which is being performed in elementary schools across the Tri-Cities area. With input from government officials such as Vice President Dick Cheney and former First Lady Barbara Bush, the production helps children understand the importance of voting and how American democracy really works.

In response to a request that the cast sent out at the beginning of the planning process, several  local representatives as well as national leaders expressed their views on democracy and voting rights, including Cheney, Bush, Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander, Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine, Tennessee State Senator Rusty Crowe and other state representatives.

“Each of you has special talents and abilities and you can make a wonderful difference in our nation,” said Bush in her letter to the students. “One way you can make this difference is by voting. You will choose leaders who will make decisions that affect your life and the lives of all Americans.”

Written and directed by Milligan’s own Richard Major, this nonpartisan, 30-minute performance is full of interesting facts of historical and present elections, from George Washington to the current George W.  Students learn about the major political parties, colorful information about past presidents, how candidates campaign for office and how American citizens participate in the presidential election process.  This fast-paced, music laden production is performed by Milligan’s Theatre for Young audiences and will be seen by approximately 5,000 children in the Northeast Tennessee area through mid-November.

Additionally, all participating schools will be asked to exercise their right to vote in a special “Kidz Rock the Vote!” election on Nov. 4. Special election couriers from the cast of the production will drop off “straw poll ballots” to each of the participating schools and children will exercise their right to vote by marking their ballot and placing it in a special ballot box. Results for the participating schools will be announced the next day.

For the past 22 years the Milligan College Theatre for Young Audiences has proudly presented scores of plays to elementary students in the Tri-cities region, having performed in over 300 different schools and a combined audience of over 175,000 youngsters.

A public performance of “Kidz Rock the Vote!” will be held Saturday, Oct. 25, at 11 a.m. in Milligan’s Gregory Center as part of the college’s homecoming festivities. Admission is $1.

For more information, call 423.461.8720.

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