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Milligan waiving application fee until Nov. 1

MILLIGAN COLLEGE, TN (October 23, 2001)-The Admissions Office at Milligan College recently announced an initiative to encourage prospective students to initiate the application process as early as possible. While applicants are normally required to pay a $30.00 application fee, the fee will be waived for those who submit an application for admission with a postmark date of Nov. 1, 2001, or earlier.

“We had two primary objectives in launching this application fee waiver program,” noted David Mee, vice president for enrollment management. “First, we recognize that the average college-bound student applies to three or four colleges. Application fees alone can total more than $100.00 – and that’s before a student is faced with other college search costs, including visiting numerous college campuses. So we wanted to make a strong statement that Milligan is sensitive to this reality.”

Mee explained that the Admissions Office also hopes to lengthen the official relationship the college has with the average applicant.

“We know that we can provide the best admission counseling service when we have ample time to work with a student and his or her family. We are confident that this program will encourage many students to submit their applications earlier and thus directly benefit from admission and financial aid counseling over several months.”

To request an application for admission, please call 800-262-8337, or locally, 461-8730. Milligan offers an online application accessible at www.milligan,edu. Questions may also be directed to

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