A group photo of 2021-2022 Resident life assistants.

Milligan Resident Assistant

Applications Available: February 21
Application Deadline: March 1

Responsible to: Resident Director and Dean of Students

Resident Assistant Job Description

Major Responsibilities: An RA should invest his/her time in these areas:

The resident assistant is primarily responsible for assisting the residence hall director in creating and maintaining a living-learning environment in the residence hall in which the greatest educational, social, cultural, and spiritual development may be realized by each resident. He/She is an upperclassman who is selected because of his/her student leadership, maturing Christian faith and interpersonal skills. The RA has genuine interest in contributing to the growth and maximum adjustment of students through the residence hall program. It is our expectation that the student who applies for an RA position is earnestly interested in the welfare of students and of Milligan and, consequently, is constructively supportive of the policies and expectations of the University.

  • Accepting the foundational obligation to be available and visible to the student in the residence hall.
  • Meeting the residents in face-to face helping relationships. This includes maintaining communication on subjects relevant to students and explaining University philosophies, policies, and expectations. Also peer adjustment counseling will be expected, which may include such areas as roommate conflicts, dating relationships, spiritual struggles and academic difficulties.
  • Working with Resident Directors and the Dean of Students to enforce Milligan University’s standards, residence hall rules and regulations and other University rules.
  • Facilitating the development of self-discipline among the residents in such areas as:
    • helping residents maintain quiet hours for study and sleep
    • discouraging behavior that causes damage or unnecessary housekeeping
    • encouraging the development of a sense of community in the floor and hall
    • inspiring residents to display proper regard for the rights and property of others
  • Administering residence hall policies and procedures such as check-ins, check-outs, maintenance requests and other responsibilities assigned by the residence hall director. These procedures involve the early return and late departure of RAs at vacation periods and the beginning and end of semesters.
  • Planning and encouraging participation in hall and floor activities (i.e Bible studies, seminars, socials, etc.).
  • Remaining available for emergency purposes when present in the hall. This includes being familiar with all information and procedures utilized in emergencies.
  • Attend all RA Staff meetings, in-service sessions, and training workshops.
  • Participating in the new student orientation as determined by the Dean of Students.
  • Completing additional tasks and procedures as deemed necessary by the residence hall director and/or the Dean of Students.

Resident Life Staff

Interim Campus Minister

Resident Director, The Village

Resident Director, Sutton Hall