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The sociology curriculum is designed for the student preparing for a variety of careers, including but not limited to academic sociology (research and/or teaching), and social agency and social service work.

The sociology curriculum emphasizes the principles and application of sociological knowledge. The minor is designed to ensure that each student receives a broad background in sociology. The sociology curriculum also contributes to the application of sociological principles to daily life.

Sociology minors:

  • Learn core concepts in sociology and qualitative and quantitative research and analysis skills appropriate to the field of sociology
  • Learn knowledge of and appreciation for people who differ from themselves in cultural background, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, gender or other socially significant characteristics
  • Participate in community service that will both enhance their understanding of course materials and give them experience that will assist them in starting on a lifetime commitment to service
  • Are prepared for acceptance into a graduate program in sociology or a related field

Course Requirements

View all details and course requirements for this program in the Milligan Catalog. The Milligan academic catalog is the official, authoritative source for all academic requirements and policies. Any discrepancies in curricular requirements from other sources will default to the Catalog.

What can I do with a degree in Sociology?

Download a list of potential careers in Sociology.


John Paul Abner
Professor of Occupational Therapy, Psychology and Counseling; Director of Academic Advising

Professor of Counseling, Director of the Campus Counseling Center

Joy Drinnon
Professor of Psychology; Director of Undergraduate Research

Amy Edmonds
Associate Professor of Political Science

Professor Emerita of Sociology and Missions

Hongyou Lu
Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies; Engineering Program Development Associate

Dr. Lori Mills, professor of psychology at Milligan
Professor of Psychology

Associate Professor of Counseling

Rebecca Sapp
Area Chair of Social Learning; Professor of Counseling; MSC Program Director

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