Students interested in pursuing careers as physicians or dentists may choose a major which aligns with their interests and talents. No one major is more highly recommended or preferred. Both medical schools and dental schools have pre-requisite courses which must be taken prior to application and admission and with the help of the pre-medicine adviser, students will choose their courses to align with the pre-requisites of the schools to which they will be applying.

Seeking admission to either medical school or dental school is a highly competitive process with a wide variety of applicant attributes given consideration such as overall GPA, science GPA, MCAT/DAT score, number of hours worked in a medical setting and types of experiences, strength of recommendation letters, and interview quality. Milligan graduates have been quite successful in obtaining admission to medical and dental schools throughout the nation. Additional information may be obtained from the pre-medical and pre-dental advisers.

What is Milligan's acceptance rate?

There is no universal definition of how institutions calculate an acceptance rate for graduates entering medical school nor are students under any obligation to report their MCAT, GRE, or ADATscores or their graduate school admission status to their institution. It is a figure that is easily manipulated and not always the best measure of the strength of a program. Therefore, Milligan does not produce an acceptance rate for its graduates entering medical school but we do track and share where our graduates are heading, because it communicates more details than a percentage.

What percentage of Milligan graduates are accepted?

What we do know is that 100% of our qualified graduates get accepted. In other words, if you excel in our program with a strong GPA, take advantage of opportunities provided by attending a smaller school (teaching assistant, independent research, tutoring, etc.), able to complete our science program, and prepare for the MCAT using the knowledge base and skill sets that Milligan has instilled, then our graduates are always competitive.

Medical schools are looking for students who have the skillset and the experience to be a good doctor; it matters less the brand name of where they went to school and more about how prepared they are. Milligan holistically prepares students to succeed after they graduate, and our track record proves this

Where are recent graduates?


Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Emory & Henry College – Physician Assistant
East Tennessee State University
Quillen College of Medicine and Gatton College of Pharmacy
Indiana University
Liberty University
Lincoln Memorial University
DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine
Marian University
Milligan University MS in Occupational Therapy and MS in Physician Assistant Studies
Ohio University
University of Pikeville
St. Georges University
Wake Forest University

Kerri Beth Slaughter Boggs earned bachelor's degrees in biology and chemistry from Milligan


Milligan alumna Kerri Beth Slaughter Boggs (16) is is now a biochemistry Ph.D. student at the University of Kentucky, where she investigates the replication and transmission of respiratory viruses.

Course Requirements

The Milligan University academic catalog is the official, authoritative source for all academic requirements and policies. Any discrepancies in curricular requirements from other sources will default to the Catalog.


Brian Eisenback
Area Chair of Scientific Learning; Associate Professor of Biology

Michael Whitney
Associate Professor of Biology

Ashley Stiltner
Associate Professor of Anatomy

Kristen Mudrack
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Matthew McDonald
Associate Professor of Chemistry; Director of Study Abroad

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