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Every child deserves a quality teacher and caregiver, so Milligan’ Master of Education prepares professionals who integrate their Christian faith, social responsibility, and knowledge and skills to contribute to a responsible and caring community. Whether you want to teach in a public or private school, lead youth organizations or child development centers, coach or provide fitness and wellness training or be an administrator, Milligan’s Area of Education can help you reach your goals.

Today’s schools are challenged as never before. Faced with increasingly diverse student bodies and phenomenal technological change, contemporary schools need to provide quality services for all children. Now more than ever, children need teachers who are committed to excellence in the classroom and to Jesus Christ. It is our belief educators prepared in such a way will make a difference in the school and community where they live and serve.

“Caring and Reflective Teacher,” the theme of our department, is interwoven throughout our program. Our primary goal is to produce caring and reflective professional educators who will affect the lives of children in a markedly positive manner.”

Master of Education: Initial Licensure

Complete your master’s and teaching licensure in as few as 4 semesters (14 months if you start in June). The Initial Licensure program is a professional education program that prepares students for the high level of teaching competence expected by public and private educational institutions.

Master of Education: Curriculum & Teaching (online)

The Milligan M.Ed. in Curriculum & Teaching is a non-licensure program. It is designed for individuals who already hold a teaching licensure who wish to earn a master’s degree in education for salary and career advancement or for those who do not need teaching licensure for their career goals.


Admissions Recruiter for Teacher Education Programs

Associate Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Education; Associate Professor of Education; Area Chair of Education; Director of the M.Ed. Program; Director of Teacher Certification

Campus Minister; Adjunct Instructor of Education; Apartment Manager

Professor of Education; Paul Clark Chair of Teacher Education; Coordinator of Field Experience-Teacher Education; Director of Ed.D. and Ed.S. Programs

Associate Professor of Education

Assistant Professor of Education

Adjunct Instructor of Education

The Paul Clark Chair Emerita of Teacher Education

Professor of Education

Office Manager and Certification Officer for Teacher Education

Assistant Professor of Education

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