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Advance your classroom teaching certification and leadership skills with Milligan’s Education Specialist (Ed.S.). This this 39 hour, 18-month program allows candidates who don’t need a doctorate to develop a specialized knowledge with many of the same courses in the Ed.D. program but without the requirement to write a dissertation.

Fast Facts

  • COST: The most economical program in the region, below ETSU cost
  • PREREQUISITES: Master’s degree and 3 years experience in educational practice
  • LENGTH: 18 months
  • TYPICAL COURSE LOAD: 3-4 courses per term, online and face-to-face
  • SCHEDULE: New cohorts start each June (apply by March 30)
  • LICENSURE: Instructional Leadership
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Prepare to lead and serve




Admission to the Educational Leadership program is competitive. Admission decisions are made on a number of criteria including academic qualifications; leadership potential, experience and accomplishments; and the applicant’s fit with the program goals and objectives and the expertise of the program faculty. Those who meet stated minimum requirements are not guaranteed admission, nor are those who fail to meet all of those requirements necessarily precluded from admission if they offer other appropriate strengths. Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • MASTER’S DEGREE: Hold a master’s degree in a relevant area (e.g., educational; literacy, mathematics, or science education; higher education; human services; special education; technology in education) from an accredited university by the month in which they begin doctoral work.
  • SCHOLASTIC ABILITY: Demonstrate scholastic ability by having achieved a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in their master’s program (GRE or MAT no longer required).
  • LEADERSHIP ROLE: Recognized as a leader among fellow teachers or as having leadership potential.
Application Process

To apply to the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership program, complete the following:

  1. APPLICATION: You can apply online (select Summer term). Just call us and we’ll walk you through it.
  2. INTERVIEW: Interview with faculty admissions committee is required
  3. TRANSCRIPTS of all previous academic work at the undergraduate and graduate level
  4. RECOMMENDATION: Applicants must submit at least one letter of recommendation from someone qualified to assess the applicant’s leadership skills and academic potential. Recommendation requests will be sent from within the online application.
  5. PORTFOLIO: In lieu of the portfolio, the admissions committee requires all applicants to complete the Instructional Leadership Questions and Evidence and return it to the graduate office one week prior to their interview.
  6. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: This program is NOT approved by SEVIS to admit international students.
Student Expectations

All students at Milligan are expected to uphold the expectations and responsibilities for student lifestyles at Milligan University. Milligan University adopts specific rules on the basis of the belief that God’s Word, as the final rule of faith and practice, speaks on many matters pertaining to personal conduct. Therefore, behavior that conflicts with Scripture is unacceptable. Historically, communities also have developed guidelines that help put into practice basic moral and social principles. Such standards serve as a guide toward worthwhile goals relevant to one’s academic, spiritual, social, and physical well-being.

Students should consult the Student Handbook for further guidance regarding acceptable personal lifestyle and conduct while enrolled at Milligan University. A student’s matriculation and enrollment at Milligan University is their pledge to abide by the policies and expectations outlined in the Student Handbook and Catalog.

I certify that all information given in this application is true and correct. If I am accepted as a student and choose to enroll, I pledge to abide by the Christian values as reflected in Milligan’s Lifestyle Expectations.


Milligan’s program is one of the most economical education programs in our region and is even priced below the local state university rate. Students in this program are eligible to apply for state and federal tuition assistance programs and for employer reimbursement when applicable. Ask us how our costs compare to other similar institutions and programs!  Read more about cost and financial aid here »

Also, the state of Tennessee offers several scholarship and grant programs for undergraduate and graduate students (Tennessee residents). Visit to learn more.

Cost of Attendance elements by program »


The Ed.S. program consists of the 39 hours of the Ed.D. program (without the dissertation).

  • EDUC 712 Using Qualitative Methods to Evaluate Program Development (3 hrs)
  • EDUC 716 Literacy for Instructional Leaders (3 hrs)
  • EDUC 721 Ethical and Instructional Evaluation Practices (3 hrs)
  • EDUC 726 Mentoring and Professional Development (3 hrs)
  • EDUC 730 Management and Leadership (3 hrs)
  • EDUC 732 Leading Organizational Change (3 hrs)
  • EDUC 735 Managing Human Resources (3 hrs)
  • EDUC 737 School Finance (3 hrs)
  • EDUC 741 Advanced Parent and Education Involvement (3 hrs)
  • EDUC 750 Data Analysis and School Improvement (3 hrs)
  • EDUC 762 School Organization and Law (3 hrs)
  • EDUC 765 Technology Leadership (3 hrs)
  • EDUC 770A Professional Seminar (1 hr)
  • EDUC 770B Professional Seminar (1 hr)
  • EDUC 770C Professional Seminar (1 hr)

The Milligan University academic catalog is the official, authoritative source for all academic requirements and policies. Any discrepancies in curricular requirements from other sources will default to the catalog.


Melissa Dillow
Admissions Recruiter for Teacher Education Programs

Associate Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Education; Professor of Education

Rich Aubrey
Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dean

Associate Professor of Education

Associate Professor of Education

Professor Emerita of Teacher Education

Lyn Howell
The Paul Clark Chair Emerita of Teacher Education

Karen Presnell
Certification Officer, Placement Coordinator, and Area of Education Office Manager

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