Milligan computer information systems

Milligan’s new cybersecurity major and minor blend the strengths of Milligan’s computer science curriculum with best practices from the National Security Agency to help students deepen their understanding of security concepts as they relate to the information technology and computer science fields.

While the cybersecurity field had experienced growth over the past decade, the recent pandemic elevated it to national prominence.  As employees and students transitioned to a home environment for work and learning, the need to protect sensitive and mission critical data was elevated.

*NEW beginning Fall 2022

 Cybersecurity Core Courses (57-58 hour major)
CS 201 – Computer Organization and Architecture (3)
CS 211 – Programming Logic (3)
CS 230 – Information Assurance and Security (3)
CS 297 – Object Oriented Programming (3)
CS 301 – Operating Systems (3)
CS 307 – Data Structures (3)
CS 320 – Networking and Communications (3)
CS 313 – Advanced Programming (3)
CS 350 – Analysis of Algorithms (3)
COMM 305 – Specialized and Technical Writing (3)
IS 305 – Database Management (3)
IS 332 – Legal, Ethical and Privacy Issues (3)
Math 211 – Calculus I (4) or Math 213 – Statistics (3)
MATH 302 – Discrete Math (3)
Cybersecurity Courses specific courses 
CS 330 – Computer Forensics (3) 
CS 327 – Ethical Hacking (3) 
CS 425 – Network Security (3) 
CS 410 – Systems Administration (3) 
One technical elective* (3) 
* Chosen in consultation with advisor 

Computer requirements for the computer science major:

Windows-based computer running Windows 10 or above


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