Student clubs/organizations do not have a set budget in the Student Government Association (SGA) budget. Each club/organization that is a non-budgeted club/organization may request up to $200 each semester from SGA for funding from the student club/organization overall budget by:

  1. Completing the club/organization funding request including reason for needing the money and how many people are involved.
  2. Completing the purchase order request form, which includes a commitment for purchase of particular goods or services.
  3. All forms must be submitted to the Director of Campus Activities for approval.
  4. Upon approval by the Director of Campus Activities, the submitted forms will be brought to the next upcoming SGA meeting to be voted on. At least one student club/organization leader must attend the SGA meeting in which the club/organization’s funding will be voted on.
  5. The Director of Campus Activities will be in contact with student leaders regarding meeting date, time, and location to attend.

Download Forms

Credit Cards

  • If a student club/organization wishes to make a purchase for their club/organization with a credit card, the student must request a credit card by emailing the Director of Campus Activities ( for approval.
  • For any Amazon purchases, email a link to the Director of Campus Activities ( of the item the student wishes to purchase for approval. Upon approval, the Director of Campus Activities will order it and have it shipped to the Campus Activities Office.


When do clubs/organizations use it?

A reimbursement form is used any time a purchase is made in which a student has paid with their own money.

Example: Refreshments purchased for an event. In that case, the student has already paid for the item and are seeking reimbursement.

How long will it take the student to get reimbursed?

It will take until the next check writing cycle after submission to the Business Office. If the reimbursement form is not filled out properly or the proper documents are not attached, the length of the reimbursement process may be extended.

How will the student receive their reimbursement?

Students will receive notification that they have a check to pick up in the business office.

Sales Tax

What is it?

Milligan University is a tax-exempt institution, meaning no purchase made for university purposes is subject to sales tax. The use of the tax-exempt number saves the club/organization and the university sales tax on all expenses.

How do clubs/organizations use it?

Before making any purchase for a club/organization, email the Director of Campus Activities ( to schedule a time to pickup a tax exempt certificate aligning with the business in which the student wishes to purchase from (each business as a unique tax exempt form in which Milligan uses).

What if a club/organization doesn't use it?

Should a student not comply with this policy, the individual who made the purchase will not be reimbursed for the sales tax charged on the purchase.

Deposits to Account

  • No club/organization is allowed to have an off-campus account. All club/organization funds received must be deposited with the business office. All deposits will be made into the student club/organization fund.
  • If a club/organization sponsors an event that brings in money, the money should be deposited to the Director of Campus Activities into the student club/organization fund. Money should be deposited the night of the event or kept in a safe place until deposited at the earliest possible opportunity.


  • Any club/organization wishing to conduct a fundraising project must complete the student club/organization fundraising form for approval.
  • Upon completion of the fundraising form, the form must be approved by the Director of Campus Activities and Dean of Students.
  • Soliciting to off-campus establishments for prizes is permissible; however, the parties soliciting must dress appropriately and represent the university well in their efforts. If the Student Development Office is notified concerning the misconduct of students while soliciting, their club/organization will not be allowed to solicit in the future.
  • The Vice President of Institutional Advancement must first approve requests for money from off-campus sources.


Contact the SGA VP of Finances