Goah Scholars

Goah Diversity Scholars

Goah Diversity Scholarship Deadline is Dec. 1

The Goah Diversity Scholars program awards full tuition scholarships to undergraduate students who enhance the educational experience of all students by sharing their diverse cultural experiences. The program includes regular meetings, campus and community events, service projects, personal development opportunities, and campus events.

Goah Diversity Scholarship


In order to be considered for this program, applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • First-year or transfer traditional undergraduate student at Milligan University (does not apply to graduate or adult degree completion programs)
  • U.S. citizen or have permanent residence
  • Residential student: Scholarship recipients must live on campus and have a meal plan
  • Complete Milligan application process and be offered acceptance prior to scholarship award
  • Complete the Goah Diversity Scholars Program application and interview process.
  • Meet academic qualifications:
    • Minimum 21 ACT (total score of 980 old SAT or 1060 new SAT) OR 68 CLT OR minimum 3.0 high school GPA overall weighted
    • Athletes are eligible for the Goah Diversity Scholarship if they have a 21 ACT AND a minimum 3.0 high school GPA overall weighted and the recommendation of their coach (beginning Fall 2021)
    • Transfers must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 after 24 attempted semester hours or the above stated criteria if less than 24 hours
  • Selection criteria include academic performance; character; commitment to service and leadership; ability to enrich and enhance the diversity of the Milligan University community and the educational experience of all students
  • The Betty Goah Diversity Scholars Program provides full-tuition scholarships. Students are responsible for arranging payment for the balance including room, board, and fees.
  • The scholarship applies to traditional undergraduate enrollment for spring/fall semesters only.
  • The scholarship applies to a maximum of 8 semesters for entering freshmen. Transfers will be evaluated at their point of admission and pro-rated accordingly. The scholarship will not cover any amount past the 8 semesters of study.
  • The scholarship may not be combined with other institutional academic or merit aid.
  • All state, federal, or external aid (including the Hope Scholarship for Tennessee residents) will be applied towards the room, board, and fees, up to the total cost of attendance (as determined by Student Financial Services). Total aid cannot exceed the student’s financial aid budget. No refunds of institutional aid will be allowed.
  • If a student loses his or her eligibility for the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship, the student must provide resources to cover the amount originally covered by the HOPE Scholarship. The university will not make up the difference.
  • Students must file a FAFSA each year.
  • Goah scholars are eligible to apply for work-study. Students may also apply to work for Pioneer College Caterers, the Wellness Center, or the Call Center.
  • Goah Scholars who wish to participate in an off-campus program must apply for a Global Educational Opportunities Scholarship. This scholarship will override any other Milligan scholarship including the Goah Scholarship. This excludes the Semester in Ministry at Mountain Christian Church.

To maintain scholarship eligibility, recipients must:

  • Remain in good standing in the Goah Diversity Scholars Program, which includes regular meetings, campus and community events, service projects, personal development opportunities, and campus events that provide opportunities to share cultural heritage, special skills and abilities, and diversity experiences
  • Maintain full-time student status and live in campus housing
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA by the completion of the second semester and 2.5 thereafter (applies to total enrollment, even transferred semesters)
  • Make satisfactory progress toward completion of a degree objective
  • Comply with the following regulations, which include: be a good citizen on campus; represent the school in a dignified and respectable manner; comply with all moral and lifestyle expectations as set forth in the Student Handbook
  • If a student loses state or federal grant aid, the student must provide resources to cover the amount originally covered by these amounts
  • File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year
  • If a student leaves the institution for any reason in good standing, their Goah Diversity Scholarship is not automatically renewed but is at the discretion of the Goah Scholarship Committee. The student must request reinstatement in writing to the VP for Enrollment and go through the approval process again. Re-admission to the Goah Diversity Scholars program is at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee and Administration. Any student reinstated to the program returns under the new guidelines and expectations for that year.
How to Apply
  1. APPLY FOR ADMISSION: First apply and be admitted to Milligan.
  2. APPLY FOR GOAH SCHOLARSHIP: Complete the Goah Scholarship Application.
  3. REFERENCES: Submit two letters of reference (one from a church leader and one from a high school teacher or counselor) that address how the references believe you can enhance the educational experience at Milligan University through your diverse background and experiences. Send your references this link and politely ask them to complete it by December 1.
  4. INTERVIEW: Once your application has been received and your eligibility has been determined, you may be contacted for an interview with the Goah Committee.

Students should be fully admitted AND submit all of the pieces of their Goah application to meet the priority deadline. Applications received after December 1 may be considered for the Goah Scholars Program if there is space available. Please contact the Admissions Office with questions regarding the application for the Goah Diversity Scholarship.

*You do not have to be admitted to MU to begin the Goah Scholarship Application, but you must be admitted to be interviewed for the scholarship.

Betty Hill Goah

Betty Goah

The Goah Diversity Scholarships are entirely funded by the University, evidence of the deep institutional commitment to diversity. The name of the scholarship is also significant: it is named for Betty Hill Goah, a local African American woman who was well known as a community advocate working on behalf of the poor, the sick, minorities, and the homeless. She was also an alumna of Milligan.

Betty Hill Goah thought Christians should never “talk the talk” unless they were also willing to “walk the walk.” And so, she devoted her life to walking the way of Jesus, working tirelessly as a voice for the voiceless and as an advocate for the powerless. Betty served on various regional boards and local agencies in Johnson City that assist and support our most vulnerable neighbors. Her vision, passion, and persistence inspired all who met her. Betty was a faithful member of Thankful Baptist Church in Johnson City, Tennessee, until her death in March 2006.


In 2007, ethnic minority students made up only 5% of the Milligan University student body. By 2010, the number of ethnic minority students had increased to 14% of the student body. This dramatic increase was no accident. It began in prayer and was energized by a deep commitment to the idea that diversity is God’s intention and desire, that Milligan needed to take a proactive role in bringing about diversity, and that a multi-pronged approach would be necessary.

“We will be a strong, vibrant, and diverse Christian collegiate community” was part of the Long Range Plan approved by Milligan’s Board of Trustees. Strategic goals included creating a welcoming and diverse environment, increasing the level of cultural competency of all students, increasing multicultural classroom experiences, and increasing multicultural social and co-curricular experiences.

These goals translated into specific actions, under the direction of Vice President for Enrollment & Marketing Dr. Lee Harrison. The president appointed a Multi-Ethnic Resource Team, including faculty, administrators, staff, and students. The University hired a Director of Diversity and established an Office of Diversity Services in 2007.

Milligan’s first Director of Diversity Services, Nathaniel Moultrie, had the vision and the ability to generate a great deal of local interest in Milligan’s diversity initiatives, and both he and then-president Don Jeanes met with local ministers and other community leaders from the African American community to get their advice about how the University could best live out its commitment to diversity.

Today, the Director of Multicultural Engagement works closely with Academic Affairs to help the University realize its goals more fully. Faculty development, curricular development, increasing diversity of the faculty, facilitating greater multicultural understanding—all these remain important goals as the University continues to pursue a diverse community that provides a living picture of the Kingdom of God.

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Director of Student Engagement

Julia Prodger
Admissions Recruiter