Connect U: Connecting You with YOUR Career Competencies

Connect U! Connecting You with Career Competencies will help you to connect and apply your individual strengths, knowledge, skills, experiences, and faith to your chosen profession, academic endeavor, or life path after graduation.

Why Connect U? The career competencies were identified by a task force convened by The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). The task force which consisted of career services and HR/recruiting professionals, identified eight competencies required to launch a successful career. Reflecting our Christian foundation and heritage, Milligan University added faith as a ninth crucial building block to a career-ready student.

Employers, graduate, and professional schools expect candidates to articulate and demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed to pursue success in their respective environments. Through your experiences inside and outside the classroom, you are developing the knowledge and skills to master the career competencies. You will need to explore additional resources and opportunities through service, internships, study abroad, undergraduate research, on/off campus employment, capstone projects, and portfolio development to polish your skills.

How? Begin by understanding the definition of the career competencies, examine expected behaviors of individuals well-versed in the skills associated with the competency, and use meaningful action words to translate those experiences on your resume and cover letters. Delve into suggested resources to help you build each competency and Connect U to your future calling and career.

Used courtesy of the National Association of Colleges and Employers.