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Associated Ladies for Milligan

Associated Ladies for Milligan (ALM) was formed by Clarinda Phillips Jeanes Roe (’71), because of her deep love for Milligan University and its ministry. The purpose of ALM is to raise scholarship dollars, be an outreach to the campus community, and enrich women’s ministry in the local community. All proceeds raised by ALM are used to fund an endowment which permanently provides student scholarships at Milligan.

Eleanor L. Campbell Ladies Luncheon

The Eleanore L. Campbell Ladies Luncheon at Milligan University is hosted by ALM, a ministry whose purpose is to raise scholarship dollars for the university, be an outreach to the campus community, and enrich women’s ministry in the local community.


Approximately 98% of Milligan students receive some kind of financial aid each year. Through the combined efforts of ALM members, many scholarship dollars are raised every year for students in need.

Campus Community

The Milligan University community is built on strong Christian relationships. Those relationships are built inside and outside of the classroom. One goal of the ALM is to reach out to students on the university’s campus by having activities that enrich student life. Students will remember the Milligan community they were a part of for years to come. The positive experiences students have and relationships built here help develop the future leaders of Milligan.

Women’s Ministry

Women’s ministry is about women, young and old, meeting together to support each other in Christ – making better their own lives as well as those they touch. Women’s ministry is growing rapidly in our churches and enriches the very foundation of Milligan. Many women in the history of Milligan have been an important part of the university’s vision and growth. By sponsoring Christian women’s speakers, Bible studies, workshops and other events, the ALM efforts will enrich women’s ministry in the local community.

Join the Associated Ladies for Milligan

Milligan University is committed to preparing new generations of Christian men and women for roles of leadership and service in the church and in society. 

ALM provides a way for those who share this vision to join with the university to change lives and shape culture. 

Proceeds from the scholarship endowment and fundraising events provide four scholarships annually to young women with leadership potential and financial need. 

Call 423.794.3087 or email Mary Page to learn more

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