Student observes art work in Milligan's Art Gallery

Fine Arts & Graphic Design Scholarship Application

We are so glad that you are interested in a fine arts or graphic design scholarship at Milligan University. Please fill out this application and we will contact you to discuss your portfolio.

You MUST declare a major or minor from the list below in Art, Film, Graphic Design, or Photography to be eligible for this scholarship.

Students can apply and audition for only one fine arts scholarship. Fine arts scholarships MAY be stacked with academic merit scholarships but NOT with athletic scholarships, music, performing arts, the Jeanes Honors Scholarship, the Goah Diversity Scholarship, the personnel grant or tuition waiver program.

    If YES, stop and talk to your admissions counselor before completing this application. Students may not receive both the athletic scholarship and a fine arts/graphic design scholarship.
  • Section II: Experience

  • Section III: Portfolio

    ART: Submit a 5-10 piece (2 pieces must be drawings, the rest can be any media) portfolio.

    FILM: Submit a portfolio of at least three short film/video projects you have directed. These should be short fiction films, documentaries, or experimental pieces that reflect your artistic sensibilities, talents, and passions..

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Submit a 10-12 piece portfolio of film or digital photography work.

    GRAPHIC DESIGN: Submit a portfolio featuring 5-10 pieces of your best work. Samples of digital design or digital art are preferred, but if you have had limited access to design software, works in other media are also accepted, such as drawings, photographs, layouts, illustrations, or hand-lettering. If an item in your portfolio was created as part of a collaborative/team project (a school yearbook, for example), briefly describe your involvement in the project as part of your statement in Section II. If you do not have a personal portfolio webpage, links to a folder of images through sites such as Google Drive are also accepted as long as the link works independently, and access does not require special permissions for the reviewer in order to see the files. Combining a collection of images into one pdf or PowerPoint file is preferred.



    Provide a webpage link, upload a file(s), mail us a DVD, or (preferably) visit campus.

    Mailed submissions may be sent to Fine Arts/Graphic Design Scholarship, PO Box 210, Milligan, TN 37682. If you wish to submit your portfolio in person, please contact our Campus Visit Coordinator at or call 423.461.8410 to schedule a visit to campus and meeting with a faculty member.

  • Max. file size: 20 MB.
  • Section IV: Signature

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