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Today is Marvelous Monday

MILLIGAN, Tenn. (March 27, 2023) — It is a Marvelous Monday for students at Milligan University. Today, March 27, the university celebrates its most beloved tradition, Wonderful Wednesday. 

While Milligan has continued the tradition of Wonderful Wednesday every year since 1969, the holiday does not always fall on a Wednesday. Classes for traditional undergraduates have been canceled today, and a variety of outdoor social activities have been planned for the university’s annual surprise holiday. 

Each year, this holiday allows students to take a mental break and celebrate as a community before the final push to the end of the semester. 

“From the buzz of anticipation to the joy of surprise, this surprise holiday captures the excitement and spirit of our students at Milligan,” said Brealle Davis, director of campus activities and interim campus minister. “It’s a day when the everyday routine is interrupted by something unexpected, reminding us to embrace the spontaneous moments that bring one another closer together and make us smile.” 

A veil of secrecy surrounds the exact date and theme of the surprise holiday each year. Milligan’s Campus Activities Board plans the day’s events. 

This year’s theme is “It’s a Good Day to Have a Good Day.” 

Many events are scheduled throughout the day, weather permitting. 

Events include: 

· Brunch at the McCormick Dining Center in Sutton Hall 

· Scavenger hunt across the main campus 

· Dodgeball near Pardee Hall 

· Inflatables on the Mary Sword Commons 

· Water slide at Buffalo Creek 

· Food trucks in the Hardin parking lot 

· Volleyball at Burleson Court 

· Bubble soccer at Steve Lacy Fieldhouse 

· Fireworks in the evening

Posted by Chase McGlamery on March 27, 2023.