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Milligan celebrates Wonderful Wednesday

MILLIGAN UNIVERSITY, Tenn. (March 30, 2022) — It is no ordinary day in the life for students at Milligan University. Today, March, 30, the university celebrates its most beloved tradition, dating back to 1969, Wonderful Wednesday.

Classes for traditional undergraduates have been canceled for the day and a variety of outdoor social activities have been planned for the annual surprise holiday.

“Wonderful Wednesday continues to be the most anticipated day of the school year for our students,” said Brealle Davis, director of campus activities. “Nothing quite brings people together like a giant slip n slide, rivaling in games, inflatables and rejoicing together in a day off from classes.”

This year’s theme “A Day in the Life at Milligan,” is based off popular classic board games such as, “The Game of Life,” “Trouble” and “Battleship.” Students will have the opportunity to participate in life sized versions of various board games throughout the day, as well as other traditional Wonderful Wednesday events.

Events include

  • Brunch at the McCormick Dining Center in Sutton Hall
  • Scavenger hunt across the main campus
  • Dodgeball on Pardee Lawn
  • Race to save Brutus on the Mary Sword Commons
  • Giant board games in the Hardin parking lot
  • Water slide at Buffalo Creek
  • Food trucks in the FOB parking area
  • Volleyball behind Hart Hall
  • Yard games in the Village Lawn
  • Fireworks in the evening

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Posted by Chase McGlamery on March 30, 2022.